If you are a big fan of investment with low volatility and risk, then you may consider putting your money in bonds.

When you buy a bond, you simply lend your money to a private or public entity for a long period of time(let say 5 years), at a guaranteed and moderately high interest rate (let say 25%).

You would be issued a bond certificate which gives you the right to receive accrued interest every year and your initial capital after the bond term expires.

The major difference between Investing in bonds and mutual funds is that bonds are safer and more profitable than mutual funds. Bonds are best for long term investors.

Access Bank Issue Tier Two Bonds

Based on information gathered from the NSE, Access Bank has concluded all necessary process for the issuance of its ₦30bn Tier two bonds.

The bond has now been approved by the Securieties and Exchange Commission (SEC). Although the interest rate and other details about the bond is not yet available, it is said that the bond had a tenor of seven years, as it would be due in 2026.

If you have a long term mindset up to seven years and you think this would be a good invest for you, visit Punch Nigeria to read more about the opportunity.