10 Massive Comparison Between “Instagram TV Vs YouTube” Who’s Better for Busines

So many features to talk about instagram, IGTV, and YouTube but for the purpose of business, I’d discuss both platforms as follows;

1. What we know about YouTube and Instagram

Founded in 2005, YouTube is arguable the biggest online video platform worldwide featuring a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media content that include music videos, TV clips, as well as other video clips such as video blogs, short original videos, Let’s Play gaming videos, instructional videos on everything from language learning to stain removal, as well as videos with educational content. Let’s not border ourselves with all this statistics thing but it’s very important. What we should be aware of is that we have millions of users using both platforms for different purposes everyday. YouTube popularly known for Video sharing (long, short, clip – see above) while instagram was known both for imAge and short Video but with introduction of IGTV, users can upload same length as YouTube.

2. Video Length or Duration

You can find videos of long durations like 5hrs and above on YouTube and I’ve not seen such on IGTV but I hope to see it later as the usage increases.

3. Monetization

YouTube has this programme where a popular user can monetize his account to earn money for himself but features like these isn’t on instagram yet rather users can pay instagram for advertisement. Different business model.

4. Advertisement

Most instagram users with massive number of followers can earn money From Organization, individuals etc.. For posting an ad on their page for this people, YouTube users can also do same. Like I’ve seen where users on YouTube were sent a product to review.

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5. YouTube video Featured Image Vs Instagram Profile

After uploading a content on YouTube, a featured image will be generated automatically just incase you don’t have one to upload. A featured image should contain details or information about the video or content posted. Also, post description where users can write about the content uploaded and place a call to action for the audience whether to direct the audience to another website, request for email address or contact etc.. Meanwhile on Instagram, you can only place such links on your profile, and direct audience to click the link on bio. Comparing IGTV with YouTube, instagram profile can stand as a featured Featured image, I’d prefer Instagram in the sense that, a user who is trying to convince a customer to buy products or service will stand using YouTube and Instagram TV as a means of advertisement would stand a greater chance winning the customer on instagram because after the prospect have seen the Video ad for the Product or service, they would love to see information about the seller, by checking the profile of the sellers on instagram with of course contains so many other products and services, great feedback from customers etc..

6. YouTube Subscribers Vs Instagram Followers

YouTube subscribers usually recieve a mail anytime the user posts but i must confess, i don’t know the statistics of the number or percentage of subscribers that are likely to view the content posted but the user can still see the content anytime the user log on to YouTube. As for instagram, the followers Can cHoose to turn on the notification to receive one anytime a user posts Or not. This feature is not yet enabled on the IGTV that I’m aware of but as soon as you log on to instagram, you’d see a suggestion to view a video your following posted. IGTV is still fresh, so many features awaits us.

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7. Video Suggestions

It’s everywhere, YouTube suggest video related to what you’re watching, other times, you get a different video entirely. Instagram; you can search a hashtag or choose a category you want to see and boom.. You’re there.

8. Downloading

We can download from Instagram using apps like insta downloader by copying the link of the post but i have never tried to copy and paste link of a video from IGTV… Wait lemme check….
…………………………………………………………………………………………………… Okay!
You can copy link but the download apps can’t handle it. We all know How to download from YouTube.

9. App

You can use upto 5 accounts on an instagram app while YouTube, you can Switch your google account (you need to log on to your gmail account on your mobile device).

10. Who’s better for Business?

We need to consider account set up, how easy you can get subscribers or followers, how easy you can link your account to other social networks, and easy you can share.
So, after much Thought and consideration;

Who’s better for Business YouTube or Instagram?