10 Steps to Financial success in Nigeria 2017

We want  wish all our readers happy new year and many successful years ahead. But was important is that, a better life wont come from drifting along, it wont come from few beers after dinner and watching mindless TV shows. It will come from new positive outcome on your part. New actions will bring new returns.

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I  got some ideas that will greatly add to your financial success, you can organize the ideas into your own system or use the 10 steps to get started this year.

  1. PAY YOURSELF FIRST. Start putting aside at  least 10 percent of your take home income before you spend anything. without a “stake,” you will be living hand to mouth, always behind.
  2. DEVELOP A BUDGET. If your expenses are always too high to allow you to save 10 percent, cut your expenses. keep track of what you spend for a month and decide if that’s where you want your money to go to. Also look for ways to increase your income.
  3. PAY OFF YOUR DEBTS. Take responsibility for your debts, pay something on them every month. your honorable behavior will rebound to your credit. and increase your financial and peace of mind.
  4. START LOOKING FOR WAYS TO PUT YOUR MONEY TO WORK. when your money works while you sleep, you are on your way to security and wealth. Can you start a part-time business, can you invest in safe opportunities?
  5. ACCEPT RISK, BUT BE CAREFUL. Mistakes are learning experiences, if you  take the lessons and move on. But, don’t invest in schemes that are too good to be true. lending money to family and friends is fraught with danger, instead, give them what you can afford to lose and borrow only people who have the financial ability to multiply the money.
  6. DON’T PROCRASTINATE. Be positive and action oriented. when an opportunity come along seize it. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. Get out  there with your new skills and attitude and meet opportunities.
  7. INVEST IN YOUR HOME. If you don’t own a house, make that a priority. If you sell any of your house or rent it out, the money is  task free, you can invest it and make more money.
  8. INVEST IN YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS. Create your own retirement plan, start saving 10% of your income, and increase it to 45% as you grow towards 70 years old.
  9. INVEST IN YOURSELF. You must give superior values to others to be paid more. A rut is a grave with the ends not filled in. Get out of your rut and develop your skills and knowledge. Learn more to earn more, if you already knew much, you would have been earning more, so learn more.
  10. PREPARE YOUR “WALLS OF BABYLON.” This goes to the elderly ones, have a will. when you have an estate consider a living trust to avoid probate. Gather expert advisors for your financial matters, so your hard-earned fortune, wont be wasted in the hands of the wrong ones.
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Lastly i “lalkay CEO www.9jacashflow.com” will generally advise all Nigerians to cultivate the habit of:

  • Giving a portion of your income to help needy people, givers never lack, so the more you give, the more you get.
  • Always make use of people, you can’t be a billionaire on your own, employ people, higher and consult people. Delicate completely the unimportant works and mind your own business (the main work)
  • Never take advice from quacks, or non-professionals, the worst advice you can take, is taking advice from someone, who says he got the advice from is uncle’s friend. such advice are fruitless, they are always unproductive.
  •  Never depend on anyone; maybe your father, families, friends or the government. You only can decide and take yourself to a greater height. We are all on our own. if you depend on anybody you are on your own, everybody is fighting for themselves.
  • Have a mentor, you can’t afford to walk alone in a business, that have been done by millions of people. Have a mentor, if you into blogging, web designing and online business, you can call/whatsapp lalkay on 08101850909 and make lalkay your online mentor.

Yours in business,