I stumbled upon this article on the Tony Elumelu Foundation Portal and I felt I should share it with my readers. It’s about managing and motivating your employees for maximum productivity of your company.

Read on, and I hope you learn something new from it.

Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.
– Stephen R. Covey

The 10 Ways to Improve Employees Productivity in Your Company

  1. Provide flexible work timings.

    Employees desire flexible work timings for a number of reasons. Maintaining a better work-life balance is one among them. Every employee will be different in productivity rhythms. Some of them will be comfortable in working at early morning hours since everyone else will be offline. So no emails and messages to interrupt. Morning times are good for works which require creativity and attention to details.

An overwhelming number of studies, surveys and polls reveal that flexible working is the key to retain productive employees. In a recent survey by Glassdoor, it shows that 80% of people choose benefits such as flexible work timings over pay scale and other factors. Not only that companies providing flexible work timings have a financial edge over companies with traditional work culture.

2. Respect employees

Give Respect, Take Respect

Respect your employees and treat them as if they are eventually going to be better than you. As an employer, you should be with your employees if they have any concerns and try to solve those. Collecting frequent feedbacks is also a good practice.

Giving respect to your employees motivates them and they will be having a good relationship with you and your company. Thus increasing productivity too.

3. Show them what real business is.

This means to expose them to tough choices and situations of business that will really mold them to start a business of their own. Share ownership and responsibilities with them. Show them the importance of delivering quality products and services to customers.

    Be a role model for your employees. Make them better than you. They may leave you once but they will look back and appreciate you for what you did for them.

    4. Hire the best.

    how to treat your employees

    Hire your employees based on their attitude more than their ability. It is better to have an employee with a good attitude than good ability. No training can change an employee with a bad attitude. So better you can cut the infection before it spread throughout.

    Maybe an interviewer cannot judge the attitude of an employer, based few hours of the interview. So if you notice anyone in your company with an attitude that doesn’t suit your company, don’t hesitate to fire him. Otherwise, it might be a bigger issue later.

    5. Provide opportunities.

    Every organization needs to consider the employee growth along with the company growth. Create special projects, divide them into groups and try to involve every employee and give them the opportunity. This will help them in improving their skills.

      Work with your vendors to bring in training sessions for your employees which can improve product knowledge. So providing more opportunities helps in the overall improvement in productivity.

      6. Seek feedback.

      No one is 100% perfect. It is a good practice to ask frequent feedbacks from your employees on how can you do better to improve your business. This might give you many new strategies.

      Feedback can also be related to the issues that your employees face. If you give them an opportunity to share their concern, you can help in resolving them.

      7. Communicate often.

      As with any organizational change, communication must be of high priority. Employees need to have regular communication with their peers in order to feel like a part of the team. Also, they need regular contact with their managers, who will help guide them, keep them on track, and give them much-needed support. A number of online communication tools can help you with this.

        Communicating often with your employees helps you to know your employees closely. Not only that you can know their abilities more clearly and assign them to works in which they are most interested in. Also, communicating and asking opinions to your employees make them feel important. They realize how important they are for the company.

        8. Make them fearless.

        It is your responsibility to make sure that your employees are not distracted or paralyzed by any kind of fears, notably about job security. They should know that if something comes up the management will be with them. You must coach them in such a way that if something went wrong in the firm, they will be employable. That build fearlessness.

        9. Be bold and transparent.

        Now everyone carries a camera in their pocket. Social media allows people to say whatever you want to the society. Information about your company will come out, so don’t fight it. Be transparent to everyone as much as possible. Be clear about your company policies and stay bold in situations that are not so good for you.

        10. Unite your employees.

        Coordination among employees is the most important key to the growth of any organizations. Bringing everyone together and uniting them can do wonders. Many of the managers say employees are like family and act in a different way. This should not be the case with your company if you want your employees to be productive.

        Hope you enjoyed this piece. If you do, let the below quote be your watch word.

        If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself….. J. W. Marriott