12 Things you Must Know About the first stage of Entrepreneurship

5 levels of entrepreneurship

This post is an excerpt from the book “5 levels of entrepreneurship”;

Level 1 – Wantrepreneur

These are the basic realizations that lead somebody to consider becoming an entrepreneur.

  1. Life is not fair. Life is what we make it. It comes to us with no promises and owes us nothing. It happens no matter what we do, and can easily pass us by. Nobody owes you anything; you must go out and earn every bit of it. “LIFE IS NOT FAIR; GET USED TO IT.” – BILL GATES

  2. Everybody is not equal. There will always be winners and losers, and mindset is generally what separates them. High caliber players will always be worth more than their peers.
  3. Be a boss. History has shown that great wealth can only be attained through actively managing businesses. Ultimately, employees are a resource used by business owners to make more money. If you’re working for someone else, you’re only helping them build their dreams. Infinite upside is only available to entrepreneurs.
  4. Time is the most precious asset. It’s the only resource you can never get back. It must be managed with greater scrutiny than anything else. Realize that everything costs time, so nothing is free. “TIME IS THE COIN OF YOUR LIFE. IT IS THE ONLY COIN YOU HAVE, AND ONLY YOU CAN DETERMINE HOW IT WILL BE SPENT. BE CAREFUL LEST YOU LET OTHER PEOPLE SPEND IT FOR YOU.” – CARL SANDBURG

  5. Love what you do. You spend a large portion of your life working. You should try to enjoy it in general.
  6. Be ambitious. You must believe you are born to make it big. Inject contagious confidence within yourself, which trains your mind to believe that you will win, no matter what. You must want success more than you want to breathe. “AMBITION IS A DREAM WITH A V8 EGNINE.” – ELVIS PRESLEY

  7. Nobody cares about you. Most people only care about what they can get from you. What you were taught in school doesn’t apply in the real world; you must provide real value now. People assign value to others based on that person’s ability to satisfy their needs.
  8. Be self-reliant. You’re on your own. The people you rely on won’t be around forever, and you don’t want to use others as a crutch on your path to success. If you are using somebody else as a crutch, they ultimately control you.
  9. Invest in yourself. Put your money where your mind is. Every book, course, or seminar you absorb will add value to your knowledge, skills, and talents. Never stop learning.
  10. Develop your mindset. Mold your being into a combination of the great minds that came before you. Open your mind and be willing to change your perception and core values, perhaps many times. Once you identify the need to develop your mindset and desire it strongly enough, you will begin acting on it and see a new way of thinking gradually solidify.
  11. Be positive. Life is a million times easier when you see the great things instead of the bad. Optimism can be learned, so start practicing now.
  12. Anything can be learned. If somebody else has accomplished something, you can do it better. Leverage the experiences of those who have set out and done it before you.


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