12 Ways Nigerian Students Can Make Money In 2016

Due to the intensity of school work in our higher institutions, students are now left with no choice, than to choose one between business or  school work. Also considering the low economy and the unequal distribution of money in the country, businesses tends not to boom like the way it use to be. This as increasingly left a blow on the face of the Nigerian students, as nearly all the businesses created in schools in one way or the other, do not breakeven, talkless of emerging into great businesses thereafter.

Nevertheless, i have done a little research and compiled a list of businesses, which Nigerians student can do, to help them financially during there stay in school, without having a negative academic effect on there result.

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So let’s get down to business

Sure Ways Student Can Make Money In 2016

  1. Make Money Helping Post-Utme Student Secure There Bags: I actually put this first because, i under-estimated this business until me and my brother decided to give it a try in the last FUTA post-utme, we made a whooping sum of #17,000 Naira for a period of 3 days. Though we covered other expenses, that left us with nothing less than #8,000 Naira each. That was only possible because we added our own initiatives, we got a table, chair and large umbrella.
  2. Make money photocopying your school handout/past questions: i use to do this personally in FUTA, until i got better business ideas, and i upgraded. Since my dad has a strong HP 3in1 printer, all i do is to find past questions, gather the useful ones(3 years) then i photocopy it and sell in class to my fellow colleagues.And if am to tell you the truth, though the money was small, i was able to eat comfortable and survive a whole semester, when my parents received no salary for 3 months.
  3.  Selling Used Products on Classified Ads(OLX): You can make recurrent cash helping people to sell there used or unwanted materials on Classified ads(OLX, JIJI, MOBOFREE). I personally employ this method about 5 times every month, and am proud to say, i back home nothing less than ₦8000 per month. I charge an average of ₦1500 for each product that i’m helping people to sell and sometimes, i’m been giving extra ₦500 for the kind did.
  4. Offer to Teach Fellow Students on an Hourly Basis:  Though i didnt give this a try, virtually all brilliant dude in the university as made one money or the other when they teach there fellow colleagues. Though the money might be quite small, the fact is, the more you teach the more you know. You can as well hold private lessons in the evening. Simply put some notes on the university hallways offering personal tutoring services and ask for a good rate.
  5. Use Your God Given Skills to Make Money:  Are you good in writing essays, drawing diagrams or portraits? Do you know how to do makeup, why not offer this service for a fee?  Today, many people forget or look down on them -at the end of the day, they graduate from school and start hopping from one place to another looking for jobs that needs you to become James Bond in order for you to get them.Read Also: Mind-blowing Experience from the Just Concluded Youth Enterprise Conference Organised by Akin Alabi
  6. Start Working as an Estate Agent:  This is quite flexible. With houses springing around universities, students always have challenges of getting accommodation. So why not act as that go between.  As an agent, your job is to look for houses for students and you are paid a commission of 10% per transaction.  You can simply upload your listing for on www.findbuyorrent.com
  7. Use your Internet Savvy Skills to Make Money:  You can make cool cash by facilitating the registration of students for Post-Ume examinations. For those who aren’t internet savvy. You could also help them do their course registration for a fee.
  8. Provide AD Services: Talk to any organization which you think would like to have their presence felt in the university. Offer them an opportunity to advertise their goods and services on a branded shirt. You can also partner with foreign companies and outsiders by being there ambassador in your school. One of my friend was a google student ambassador.
  9. Blogging: I want to believe you already know what a blog is. And I want to believe you already know the ways it can be used to make money.Though this is a business one can do with little or no capital, but when it is brought up as a money making venture, the first image that first comes up is Google Adsense. Well, for your information, that’s just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to making money at home without cash. You could sell adspace directly to advertisers, sell a service, advertise banners of local businesses etc. The opportunities are basically limitless.But I don’t have a laptop yet? You can start with an Android phone!!!! Yes, just set aside some little money for data subscriptions.
  10. Sign up for Swagbucks:  Do you love surfing the nets? Swagbucks is another way you can earn money online. Swagbucks pays you for watching videos online.  You simply do this by installing an add-on to your browser and you’re good to go.
  11. Use Youtube:  Are you good in modeling or dancing? Then you-tube is a platform to make good money when you post videos of your post online.  The video uploaded should include your dancing or make-up techniques.  By so doing you increase the chances of people viewing your upload.  As people get to see your video -you make money if you have a youtube account.  It’s so easy. Just create amazing content consistently, and you’ll be rolling in traffic.  I’m just kidding.  Even if you know what you’re doing, content marketing takes a lot of work.  But it can pay off in a big way.
  12. Laundry: Many people don’t have time to wash their clothes, and they won’t mind paying others to do it for them. Instead of not having something to do, why not consider this? Between, many things we think are ‘degrading’ are actually profitable. Just have the right thoughts!!!!Are you looking for businesses that can be done in Nigeria with little capital? Here you are. Do more researches. Pray to God to help you. And, do something!!!!!!

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NOTE: As a student, only choose businesses that require little amount of your time. Use you IQ and initiatives to your advantage, you can make more money by improving your knowledge base, don’t do business that will take you 4 weeks away from school, thinking you are earning much. you only earn more by learning more i.e updating the knowledge upstairs.

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