I recently stumbled upon an article about Mr Dulaney, who lost is business in 2013, as well as his business partner and his relationship. He did went from owning a successful company to moving back in with his parents.

But he later recovered, and was featured among those earning 8 figures at the just concluded Click Funnel Annual conference. This is what he has to say about making it back when you loose it all.

1. Avoid shiny object syndrome.

Hone in on your company’s product, message, and overall brand. It’s better to do one or two things really well than to do a lot of things poorly.

Dulaney says, “There’s new offers, there’s new marketers, there’s new things on the market. So shiny object syndrome is one of those things that we have to avoid.”

2. Don’t be a lone wolf.

You don’t have to rely on just yourself to reach your goals. In fact, you shouldn’t. Think of it in terms of martial arts: You wouldn’t work toward a black belt without a sensei. If you’re running a business, learn from someone who has already found success with their own business.

Dulaney says, “The fastest path to success is to hire a coach or mentor who’s already successful.”

To learn more about Dulaney’s story, watch the full interview here.