Renewable energy like Solar and wind is the future of power generation. Looking at a country like Nigeria, I belive the solar industry is just getting started. And below are two reasons why I’m super bullish on the sector.

First is because I was frustrated by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria(PHCN) during my national youth service year.

At the peak of my experience with PHCN, I was charged a bill of 60,000 naira/month when I only use a laptop, a fan and 3 bulbs in my room.

So immediately, I decided I was going to find an alternative and I stated researching about solar.

Second is because I’m interested in learning about Internet of Things (IoT) devices like CCTV, Alarms etc.

And for this devices to work effectively in Nigeria where we have eratic power supply, I think Solar must be involved.

What do you think? And are you also bullish on Solar?

Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below👇.