With one month gone in 2019, you now have 11 months to achieve your new year goals. Pretty long right? But you will never get anything done if you’re still wishing to get things done. Get up!

Below are 2 tips that will make you more money in 2019:

1. First sell what you have.

My brother, please and please, first sell what you have. I used to design and redesign my product untill they look perfect enough to be sold. It’s a very nasty idea and bad thing to do.  I created a sleek product that no customer wanted. And the end result was getting broke😭😭😭.

You should learn from my story. You need to first sell what you have. This will enable you get good feedbacks to develop a great product.

Instead of focusing on the product, focus more on listening to the market or customers. They will always give you insights on want they want. And when you solve what they wan, you’ll make more money.

For instance, I recently ventured into videography business. Instead of trying to package a service and sell to the client, I paid more attention to solving the problems of my client. And it’s been a profitable business so far.

Most people loose focus on why they started their business in the first place. They waste  too much time designing, tweaking and editing their products. Don’t let that be you any longer.

Listen attentively to your customers. Let them tell you want they want, and then you deliver.

2. Help others make more money.

The second advice I have for those who want to make more money in 2019 is to help others make more money. You need to configure your business to start being customer and investor friendly.

As a matter of fact, many people don’t get investors or good partnership because they only focus on their pocket(how they will make money). They neglect their customers and investors interest.

We all want to make more money in life, so use that to your advatage. Make sure your products help people achieve that desire.

In summary, first sell what you have and use the feedback you get to create a great product. Second you need to ensure your products and services help others make more money. Make sure the equation is balanced.

Those are my two advice for today. Have any questions or suggestions, put it down in the comment box below.

Love you all. Check bonus tips below👇:

Be creative in 2019. Put your imagination to TEST.