2017 Building Materials Prices in Nigeria

2017 Building Materials Prices in Nigeria – Free Ebook Download

2017 Building Materials Prices in Nigeria

A lot of us own, maintain and also construct structures every now and then. Consequently, we find ourselves in need of obtaining building materials; as we all must know, we should not just jump into the market to obtain materials merely with the picture of what we are buying even without the necessary specifications. This eBook is your “helpmeet” as regards prices and specifications of building materials. It is a quick hand book to ascertain and estimate the prices of construction materials to help you in your budgeting.

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  • Imagine you can get building material prices within minutes without visiting the market!
  • Imagine you don’t have to wait for a professional to tell you or interpret the specification of the materials you will be obtaining!
  • Imagine you don’t need to visit the market every time you need building material prices to estimate your “Build up Rates” for pricing any BOQ!
  • Imagine you can get the market information about any building material you want to invest in within minutes!
  • Imagine you can increase your vast knowledge about the various building materials being sold in the market without getting up from your sit.

Anyway…stop imagining, the above solutions are provided in this eBook.

This eBook contains all building materials prices in Nigeria alongside the phone numbers of accredited distributors and tradesmen. You will get the prices of all major building materials needed to construct any type of building construction in Nigeria. Any other building materials of which prices are not given are special materials which have to be fabricated based on the project and client requirements.

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I hope you find the information provided relevant to your field…

God Bless!


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    You did a good job but I believe you are working on an handroid app so as to give room for updates

    October 13, 2017 at 1:22 pm

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