The African continent is one of the fastest growing startup regions in the world. We have collected all available information about the industry of the continent in one place for the convenience of deciding on doing business in the region.

According to Pitchbook (at the beginning of December 2019), 567 investment transactions in 513 companies were completed on the African continent. The size of the investment was $17.25B.

96.2% of the funds (by volume) this year were invested in 54 transactions (52 companies).

The predominant segment for investment in 2019 is still raw materials projects. 34.7% ($5.99B) received oil and gas industry projects. 17.5% ($ 3B) industrial projects.

In the third and fourth places, infrastructure projects – 17% ($2.93B) and manufacturing – 12.8% ($2.2B).

The highest activity, in 2019, in South Africa – 23.4% ($4B) and Mozambique – 20.2% ($3.5B). In third place – Namibia – 10.4% ($1.8B)

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