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I’m sure you wouldn’t want to exceed your budget or spend more than the required amount for your building construction project. If that’s the case, then this one of the most IMPORTANT documents you can get this year.

We just released the updated copy of our building materials database which contains the prices all major building materials Nigeria. Our previous versions(2017, 2018) have been very useful to industry professionals like Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Contractors etc, and we’ve gotten numerous appreciation for compiling such a benevolent eBook.

Here is the 2020 update, which is even more current with prices of building materials and the contact of vendors that sells and delivers cross Nigeria.



Prices of Building Materials

The eBook encompasses the detailed description and prices of all major building materials in Nigeria. The eBook is divided into 15 categories, with each category single-highhandedly elaborated into all possible items/materials in that category. Each of the categories also has the contact details of the wholesaler/distributor that you can always call to confirm new prices of the materials from.


This very price database eBook is beneficial to the averaged Nigerian, irrespective of your; background, circumstance and location etc. You can enjoy the following benefits when you get the eBook.

  1. You have a general knowledge of the prices of all building materials in Nigeria.
  2. You can use it as the basis for manufacturing building materials, when you already know, how much the materials are sold in the market.
  3. You can use it as the basis for estimating the cost of a building project
  4. You can use it in budgeting for materials in (Material Schedule)
  5. You can use it as the basis for calculating rates for pricing “BOQ” (Bill of Quantities)
  6. You can use it in pricing “BOQ” or “Quotation”
  7. You can use it as the basis of buying building materials for your project.
  8. With information herein this eBook, you can serve as a building material cost expert
  9. You save more money when you know the exact price a building material is sold.
  10. You also have enough information in this eBook, which will enable you to validate any quotations given to you by a professional. (You know whether you’re over billed or under billed)


CATEGORIES [Showing different types and prices of each product]

1. Plumbing Materials: (Pipes, WC,)
2. Electrical Materials: (Conduit, pipes, lighting)
3. Tiling Materials: (Wooden, Plastic and ceramic tiles)
4. Roofing Materials: (Roofing sheet, Asbestos, POP, PVC, Roofing Tiles)
5. Tools and Hardware: (Hammer, Nails)
6. Doors and Windows (Door and windows of different types etc)
7. Building Materials (Hand tools)
8. Wood (Planks, purlin, tie rod, tie beam, rafter etc)
9. Iron and Rod (Reinforcement, links, rods, barb wires of different types)
10. Paint
11. Cement, Sand and Stone
12. Bricks, Blocks and Kerbs
13. Alert, Fire and Smoke Detection System
14. Other Materials
15. Contact of wholesalers and vendors

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The following symbols and abbreviations are been used;
m = Meter, m2 = Square metre, m3 = Cubic metre, Nr or No = Number, Kg = Kilogram, T = Tonne, L = Length (Standard), Roll/Bundle/Packet = Standard packaged sizes of materials. Face/Swing/Slide = Distinctions in doors and windows.







Downloading the eBook is easy, all you have to do is pay a token amount and you will have access to download this benevolent eBook that contains all the prices of building materials in Nigeria.

Though have spent over ₦120,000 in getting the current prices and settling all distributors in addition to the time used in preparing the eBook, I will still sell it for a token amount, because of the altruistic side of me (always wanting to help people)

So, how much will this eBook cost? If I decided to sell it for ₦40,000, I think that will make me breakeven all my cost, but I have decided to sell it for a token sum of ₦10,000 only.



₦10,000 (Company’s Price)

₦8,000 (Student Price)

You will get the eBook at the over reduced price of ₦10,000 for companies and ₦8,000 for a student with a valid ID card.

NOTE: This price you pay is the least price and it does not give you any rights whatsoever; to sell, copy, print and transfer etc this material in any form, whether physical or spiritual. As this eBook is the sole ownership and copyrights of the author and his legal associates. You can only make use of the information in the eBook when you buy it. You can’t sell or give a friend.

I spent over ₦120,000 in getting these prices and additional 3 hours every day for two months, to type and arrange this eBook, so I won’t like my effort to be wasted. If your friend needs a copy, let them come and buy their copy.
If you don’t agree with the above rule, and all you want to do his buy, download and sell to people, don’t bother buying it, because we will surely get you, and sue you for copyrights infringements.


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To make the ₦10,000 payment for the eBook, you can transfer the ₦10,000 into our bank account below or simply walk into the banking hall to make the payment.

  1. GTBank: 0128522966
    9jaCashFlow Education & Training

NOTE: After successful payment, send an email to [email protected] or call 08101850909, providing the following payment details:

Date of Payment:
Amount Paid:
Teller Number:
Bank Name and Branch:
Name of the person who made the Payment:


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You will get the eBook sent to your email within 10 minutes after your payment has been made and verified.


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If you insist you are not getting a copy of the building materials price database eBook, there is no problem, you can ask for the price of any building materials through the comment box. I will reply with the price, but one material per person. If you need other prices of materials, either enter a taxi to the market and price it or get a copy of the “2020 prices of building materials in Nigeria eBook.

For further inquiries kindly call my number “08101850909“I don’t see any reason why you should not get a copy of this eBook on “2020 prices of all building materials in Nigeria,” as you might still keep losing some money on every single material you buy for your project. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that most building materials seller, sell at huge prices to those who are a novice to prices of the building materials.

Click here to pay the ₦10,000 via Paystack and download it instantly.

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