Based on my experience so far in operating this website, I had realized that majority of Nigerians are poor because they don’t take advantage of the opportunities around them.

As simple as it’s to spot opportunities and make good use of it, it’s extremely difficult for Nigerians because we don’t share information. This results in our citizens lacking self-awareness, which is the unique ability to understand yourself and identify the opportunities around you.

You Can’t Be What You Can’t See.

The only solution is for Nigerians to have exposure, and that’s what 9jacashflow is working towards. We want to share business and financial information that will impact Nigerian one at a time.

Let’s look at the reasons why every Nigerian should be a professional investor. By the way, a professional investor is an active investor who dedicate time to manage his/her own investment and portfolio. They’re usually in total control of their funds, investment and businesses.

The passive or poor investors are people who give money to banks, hedge funds, mutual funds which they don’t have control over. They usually employ the service or expertise of professional investors.

3 Reasons Why Every Nigerian Should Be a Professional Investor

  1. Constant Learning: We all know the famous quote “Learn More to Earn More.” As a professional investor you need to commit yourself to constant daily learning, and the more you learn the more money you can earn. Most people become passive investor because once they leave school they stop learning.
  2. Risk Management: The professional investor manages their risk, therefore they’re in full control of their investments. However, passive investors are liable to suffer from the mistake of the professional investors managing their money.
  3. More Income and Revenue: Since you manage your risk as a professional investor, you also reap the whole profit and revenue. Passive investors don’t get the full profit despite dropping 100% of the money. The banks and financial institutions will take larger share of the profit.
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Depending on your occupation, it doesn’t make sense being a passive investor. Why drop 100% of the capital and in the long run take 20% of the profit when banks take the remaining 80%.

That’s why you need to become a Professional Investor, and  learn what banks do with the money you give them to invest on your behalf.

Drop your comment below, and endeavor to contact 9jacashflow to learn Crypto Trading, Forex Trading and other ways to become a professional investor.