Learning how to think on paper is a very good skillset you need to develop in 2019. Mastering it will bring you to a whole new dimension of accessing your situations, detailing key element in your decision-making process, and eventually moving quickly towards achieving your goals.

It’s also important I let you know that thinking on paper is not always easy, and it requires a lot of time.

Majority of humans only think and make immediate decisions with their head. Although this process is fast, it’s inadequate and inefficient for some decision making circumstances.

Significant decisions need critical thinking, and that’s where thinking on paper becomes highly useful.

I define thinking on paper as simply using your head and your hand to think. And I’ve found it to be very powerful and useful in many situations, than just thinking with only your head.

I realized the uniqueness of this technique a few days ago, after 3 months of struggling with a way forward as regards processing an admission. I finally forced myself to think by writing on a piece of paper, and I was able to figure out everything I needed to bring that idea into fruition.

Below Are The 3 Reasons Why You Should Also Start Thinking On Paper

1. Roadmap

It helps to create a clear roadmap that you can always follow or access when needed.

When you think on paper, you will most likely write out all the elements that will form the whole. This way you can create a map which you can reference anytime any day.

Thinking in your head alone most times lead to you forgetting things.

2. More detailed analysis.

Once you identify your key element, thinking on paper allows you to make a further in-depth analysis of your project.

You begin to make and calculate accurate parameters like prices, quantities, dates and overall cost etc. unlike thinking with your head which is all guesswork.

3. Clarity

Thinking on paper gives more clarity to your project. It helps to coordinate the start and completion of each task at hand.

You suddenly see yourself being clear about the overall time and money needed. You also stay clear of the imaginary deadlines you wrote down on paper.

Only a few people can achieve this clarity by just thinking and jumbling up things in their head. Learn to think on paper.

I hope you’ve figured out one or two reasons why should start thinking on paper.  If YES, I’m happy.

I will now end this article by saying it’s high time you started thinking and analyzing your decision-making process on paper.

It doesn’t take more time than you think, and there’s always a difference when you write things down on paper.

If you wish to use online journal instead of pen & paper, try using Penzu(an App & Website for online journaling).

God bless.  Still wishing you a great 2019.