To the newbies who just began their journey in the Cryptocurrency (crypto) land, this article would of immense help.

I know you want to get your hands dirty as quickly as possible, and start making money from trading and investing in Bitcoin. Nevertheless, you’ve got to use the right approach.

As regards Bitcoin, I have highlighted the best strategies you can employ right now below👇.

1. Save in Bitcoin

You can do this by buying little quantity of Bitcoin gradually. For instance, you can buy ₦1000 worth of Bitcoin weekly or 5000 monthly depending on your capacity.

This a medium to long-term investment. You’re looking at profiting from the rise in price of Bitcoin over time, and that’s why you’re buying gradually with little, little amount.

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2. Do Margin Trading:

Margin trading allows you to trade with more than your initial capital. It’s like borrowing money to trade and paying interest on borrowed capital, while you take the profit.

You can start it with as little as $10, and you would be able to place between $50 to $1000 worth of trades.

To get started you will need to register on any of the following platforms that offer margin or leverage trading.

Note: The $10 is to start and learn the basics. You will not become a millionaire overnight 😂

3. Get Trained on Bitcoin Trading

If you’re new to trading, you definitely need to get adequate training and mentoring. Trading like all other skills takes time to master. You need the right knowledge, experience and patience to succeed in this game.

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I hope you found the article insightful. If you’re new to Cryptocurrency you need to first save in Bitcoin gradually, after which you can venture into trading with very little capital, and then get trained on how to trade.

I will advice you don’t jump steps. Take your time and endeavor to do the right thing. Bitcoin is not going away in 10 years time.

I would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comments below 👇.