What is Facebook Libra’s potential?

Facebook has Libra live on their testnet. Integrations are ready for Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, and new apps like Lasso. It’s a global currency that inherently supports remittence.

Now – how will Libra take off? Simple.

1) Universal Basic Income.

Facebook will pay users in Libra for owning a Facebook account. They will pay for a % of your data they profited from.

2) Instagram will support premium accounts and direct in-app marketplace. These will support with Libra.

3) Sending money over WhatsApp will be Libra. Funny how a global app supports a global currency. Lasso is intentionally targeting third world markets while competing with Tik Tok and Libra is a hidden intention.

4) Failed economies in third world countries will turn to Libra because their fiat is useless.The last point is interesting because it enables people to build their activities in the global economy.

I’m seriously anticipating the lunch of Calibra. What do you think about the project? Let me know in the comments box below.