I just completed a web design job for an hotel (The Cate House). I learnt a couple of business etiquette during the course of the project and I will be sharing them below:

1. When dealing with a client, never overlook things or assume figures. Always make findings and tell them you will get back to them. Consider everything possible in your invoice or cost of project.

2. Learn how to communicate effectively. To achieve this you should meet with your client as many times as possible. Better still you can call them to give regular updates on the project.

3. Prepare for the worst. Yes, you need to be ready for any unforseen circumstances that could prop up during the project.

4. Give more value for less money and time. This just mean you should think like a business man by always looking at the end result of your work. Is your client receiving more value than the amount they pay you? If not, then give more value. Help with as many things as possible.

Anyway, this the feedback I got from my client. “Kenny is our consultant.”

That’s my short story, thanks for reading.

What’s your favorite lesson? Mine is number 4.

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