Many times, funding is the biggest challenge for every entrepreneur. Most people resort to getting funding from Business Angels or Venture Capitalists. If you want them to take you serious and care about you enough to invest in your business, you will need to pitch your ideas.

To get ultimate success from pitching to investors, follow these 4 remarkable pitch tips by Melanie Perkins, Co-founder and CEO of Canva

  1. Share Your Story- Share the original idea behind your business, concisely and consistently use your story, the reason why you went into the business, to help the listeners gain an understanding of the business. Share how your company’s values will help or is helping to bring people out of their frustrations.
  2. Use Feedback To Refine Your Pitch- Whenever you get rejected by investors, don’t see it as bad luck, instead, use their complaints to refine your pitch to the next set of people you are pitching to.
  3. Make each Slide As Simple As Possible- Don’t create complicated or difficult-to-understand slides. Let it be as simple to understand as possible. Use basic terms and simple grammar, don’t get ahead of yourself by including irrelevant information just so you can look like you now what you are doing. That’s a major turn off.
  4. Show It In Pictures- Don’t display a lot of text. Research has shown that pictures are more memorable than text. Also, people tend to get along and understand better when you use images to drive home a point.

I’ll conclude by adding my own point; Pitching is a very serious task, so you have to be fully prepared, know your business inside out, do a lot of research and be ready to give solid points to back up your pitch. No one wants to give money to someone who doesn’t know their onions.