5 Give Away Must Have Ebooks, Prior to Launching 9ja-ebooks.com


5 Give Away Must Have Ebooks, Prior to Launching 9ja-ebooks.com(Free Download)

Good day to all our loyal fans, mentors and mentees,

We want to use this medium to say a very big thank you, for all the support and motivations, you guys have been giving to us. As without you we wouldn’t have gone this far.

As you all know, 9ja-eBooks.com which is just like a brother website to 9jacashflow.com will be officially launched on at the end of this month. And with respect to this; we will be giving 5 of our highly wanted and benevolent eBook material for free, from today 24 July 2016 to 1st August 2016, when 9ja-eBooks.com will be officially launched.

You only got a week to download all this valuable eBook, so what are you waiting for, download enjoy and don’t forget to drop your comments and feedback.

  1. For those interested in “50 million phone number database of Nigerians“, click the below button, to download the “50 million phone number database of Nigerians” for free
    Download eBook
    You can as well click here, to learn how to use the phone number database
    NOTE: you will need to open the phone number database on your computer by unzipping the zip folder. If you haveissues unzipping the zip folder, kindly contact me on (08101850909) immediately.
  2. The second eBook is a simple online and offline business marketing plan, which will greatly benefit your marketing campaign. It will help you advertise/promote your online business
    Download eBook
  3. The 3rd eBook is an online business foundation course, which is a must read for all people into or just starting an online business of their own. It contains or the fact ou need to know about starting an online business.
    Download eBook
  4. The fourth is an eBook on starting importation business in Nigeria, it contains all you need to Know.
    Download eBook
    Click here to learn how to Order From AliExpress & Have it Shipped to Your Home Address
  5. The fifth eBook is an eBook on how to make money with your professional skills, on Fiverr and other freelancing site.
    Download eBook

Always at your financial success,
Lalkay (Lawal Kehinde Damilare),
CEO www.9jacashflow.com & www.9ja-ebook.com

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