The FinTech giant, Binance, is one of the greatest digital exchange for virtual assets i.e. cryptocurrencies. The platform allows users convert their local currencies to cryptocurrencies and vice versa. The Binance website has been operational since February 2020, this was sometime after the Binance App was released in October 2019. The P2P service has also been operational since Binance’s launch and has been developed overtime to enable users trade their indigenous fiat currencies for crypto.

Essentially, Binance, being a technology that hinges on blockchain, promotes trust by rendering escrow services to traders so as to ensure the actual transfer of value, assure customers of the safety of their digital values and monies, and ensure the timeous transfer and delivery of cryptocurrencies per exchange. Since its launch, the P2P platform on Binance has administered more than $950 million. Binance also helps traders who have complied with KYC requirements to promote their bids.

So why should you chose Binance P2P as your trade platform?

1. Using the Binance P2P service attracts zero cost

You get to use the Binance P2P platform at no cost. For each fiat currency-to-crypto transaction, unlike with traditional banks, you will not have to pay any charges. You also get to specify the price you want for your P2P Ads and consequently get value for your money spent.

2. Binance offers the Most Competitive P2P trading prices

Binance is well known for being the best exchange when it comes to the on the spot and futures markets. You can also take advantage of this on the Binance P2P platform. At press time, Binance offers the best prices for USDT in China, Russia, and Vietnam.

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3. With the Binance P2P, transfers and payments are made easier

One groundbreaking thing that is made available via Binance is easy remittance. You can easily do “on-the-go” currency exchange at competitive prices. Within a relatively lesser amount of time, you can easily convert to multiple currencies via Binance.

4. Binance P2P ensures trust by serving as an escrow

Essentially, Binance serves as a custodian of your tokens for the period that the payment is being made. If the payment does not go through, you are assured that you get to have your tokens back. This is to assure you that the platform is indeed trustworthy. This in turn ensures that you experience a glitch-free transaction.

5. Binance P2P has a set community of influencers and users

Binance has a community in place already in several countries and is still set on expanding the communities in more countries. Right before launching P2P service in any country, there is a Binance culture of advocating and sensitizing the populace about their products and services. This will ensure a mainstream acceptance of Binance upon a final launch in that community.

Although this is in no way a financial piece of advice, choosing Binance as your preferred trade platform promises to be worthwhile.

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