I just read an amazing article by Jonathan Courtney (Cofounder Aj&Smart) on how to build a great Digital Company from scratch.

Below is the summary 👇, I hope you find it helpful.

5 Simple Tips To Building A Great Digital Business

  1. If you really want to build a company, you have to start in the most practical, pragmatic way possible. And the most practical, pragmatic way is to get sales. That should be your absolute primary focus.
  2. You get sales by physically being in the place where your potential clients are. If you’re struggling to find clients, maybe it’s because you’re trying to do it all online. Rent a desk in a coworking space, host events, give away some stuff. Get known. Face to face.
  3. Don’t waste time on making up a great name, designing a website or creating a brand. All of these things are really procrastination. You’re building a business, not a personal fun side project.
  4. People like watching you grow, and they like behind the scenes stuff. Don’t wait until you’ve “made it”, just start a habit of sharing what you learn and do.
  5. Good luck!

I would live to hear from you. Tell me which one is your best out of the 5 advice.

Article Source: Uxplanet.org