Many instagram users are yet to be aware of this great innovation, Instagram Tv is here to Chang so many things we are going to discuss on this post.

From our last post on this topic: How Upcoming Artistes Can Increase Their Publicity and Take Advantage of Instagram TV #IGTV

We concluded that there are 3 advantages of IGTV for Businesses, these include: Expansion of reach, show off your creativity, make longer form videos stoppable.

Which means, with this innovation, you or business will have access to more audience, show off talents or market a product i.e you can record a whole video of a product with description and how to use and post it on your IGTV, audience can pause, play or stop the video whenever they wish.

We also show upcoming artists how they can take advantage of this invention.

Instagram TV really is exciting especially when you hear about the long length of video you can upload as business or service provider, so here are the few things IGTV has come to change:

1. Better marketing
With long length of video upload, marketers now enjoy the privilege of showing the world about their business. Take for instance, A make up artists trying to upload a video on YouTube about a job, will Definitely use IGTV because aside from the Long length video Upload, audience can go back to the profile of the business and check more details about the business (instagram page).

2. Podcast or Audio posting
I Love the Idea of IGTv in the sense that, they have an edge over YouTube. You can post songs in an Mp4 or a podcast in the same format on YouTube but so on IGTV, but the major difference is that instagram profile introduce audience about your journey so far and what they’re about to watch. Like our previous post about upcoming artists, just imagine replacing that “call to action” of having to refer to audience to the link in the bio Will just have to stop with this innovation.

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3. Video Upload
I don’t know if you can upload an entire movie here but you can certainly upload a series of 40min and more. Organizers of “Voice Nigeria” will love and enjoy this innovation because they will reduce their advert spending As they already have a set of followers awaiting their next upload or post.

4. Spend more Time on Instagram
This will actually lead to an increase in the Time spend on instagram. To be honest, what all social media page are trying to do is to get stock on their page. Assuming Your favorite artists posted lets Say a video of his/her on IGTv and this video has 4 parts and are 30min each, what are you going do if you’re crazy about this art?

5. Better live streaming
Enjoy live streaming from every angle of your mobile device.

Hope you enjoyed the topic, ask, share and comment or experience and watch for my next Article titled “The Massive Comparison Instagram TV Vs YouTube” Who’s Better for Business?