Billionaires are spectacular people because they don’t only make money, they also make impact.

According to Friedman, a certified financial advisor who recently had lunch with Warren Buffett, a few specifics about Buffet and the way he approaches life will always stood out to him.

Below are the unique characteristics of Buffet – The Oracle of Omaha:

1. He has a sunny outlook

Simply put, Buffett is happy. His long-term outlook on life and business is positive. He’s a believer.

An open mind means access to more opportunities.

2. He takes calculated risks

As a value investor, Buffett adheres to certain principles that have guided his investment decisions and approach to risk.

When you have a set of principles, you already know how to assess risk.

3. He does his own thing

Warren Buffett is not trying to be anyone other than Warren Buffett. He chose Omaha, not New York, and has lived in the same house since 1958, which he purchased for $31,500. The stock market’s day-to-day movements don’t worry him; he’s playing a long game.

There is a certain freedom that comes with independence.

4. He knows what he’s good at

Buffett is genuinely good at being an investor, so that’s where he has focused his time and energy. Likewise, he doesn’t invest in things he doesn’t understand.

Life is more efficient when you know who you really are.

5. He is a workhorse

Make no mistake: Warren Buffett is a workhorse, not a figurehead who shakes hands and gives speeches. He understands the details, does the analysis, and knows his business inside and out. He reached the pinnacle because he did, and continues to do, the work.

There are no shortcuts to greatness, and there is no escaping hard work.

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