Nigeria is one of the most blessed nations in the world in terms of natural resources and cheap labor (young vibrant Nigerians). However, this blessing is far becoming a course as a result of bad leaders and many youths with dubious and get rich quick mentality.

I think Nigeria depicts a bad building with a very poor design, and I’m not here to blame anyone.  This is because change really starts with me, and in fact, Stephen Gardiner puts it best in his quote which says that “Good buildings are built by good people, all problems can be solved by good design.

So right now, I’m not trying to point fingers or blame anyone. I can only change my own design by becoming a better person, then trying a lot of things out and sharing what works with others. Which’s exactly what I’m doing with this blog and my YouTube channel.

In this article, I will soon share 6 ways you can survive in Nigeria. Although it won’t be easy at first, I’m certain that if you follow through, things will definitely get better.

I have divided the 6 ways into long-term plans(the things you should do now to reap an immense reward in the future), and short term plans(the things you can do now that you will start seeing reward quickly).

Long term plans

I have two long-term plans:  One is about improving my IT skills and the second is venturing into the agriculture value chain in Nigeria.

1. Improving my skill in IT

I’m sure you’re wondering why IT? This simply because IT is the future, especially in developing countries like Nigeria.

Our internet industry is so young with very few players, and there are opportunities for everyone.

Another interesting fact is that the IT world is dynamic. It’s changing rapidly every few months, and even the best can easily get left behind if they stop learning and improving themselves.

So if you’re young(maybe in your twenties), you’re at a very good advantage of learning technology. But don’t let age stop you. What you need is to learn good technology from the right person. Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare can help you out in your learning.

2. Venturing into the agriculture value chain

Another industry I’m focusing on is Agriculture in Nigeria. Through my series of research, I’ve kind of realize that if we don’t get our agriculture sector right in Nigeria, we may never move forward as a country. As a result, I’ve decided to start investing my time and little capital in our agriculture space.

My eCommerce platform( now has a category for Agro products. Hopefully, in the nearest future, I’m looking at getting a mentor that will ground me on the basics of farming, then I’ll start my own farm.

Note: This is my long-term plan and I’m wont recommend them to you 100%. I will only recommend you choose this industry if and only if you like them.

Now to my short term plans; whi

My short-term plans

3. Get a job

When you get a job, the salary you make will immediately offset your expenses and allow you to prepare for the future. While I don’t totally recommend this because it takes too much time from you, it’s still a good idea.

The type of job you get and the people you work with is also very important. You need a job where you will gain some tangible experience, connection and at the same time get paid well. If you’re not getting any of this, then you should look at learning a skill that people are willing to pay for in the market.

4. Learn a skill that is in high demand

In fact, I will suggest you learn high-income skills whether you get a job or not. These are skills that will make you money by doing them daily, at the side, or on weekends. Good examples are Graphic Design, Photography, Web design and development, photography, video editing, copywriting, etc.

The most important thing here is not just learning but mastery. When you master something; you would be able to use it to help other businesses and they will pay you big in return. So I’d suggest you look for a particular skill and focus on mastering it.

5. Trade Cryptocurrency at the side (5X margin on Binance).

Another thing I do is trade Cryptocurrency on a 5x leverage on Binance. The 5x leverage here means that I can borrow up to 5 times my initial capital. So whenever I spot a good trade opportunity, I borrow and trade with it.

For example, if I have $100 I could borrow 5x of it ($500) and place trades. And most times I make an average of $60(₦30,000) profit within a day or two. This not much but it’s part of the ways I currently use to sustain myself and people that depend on me.

If you’re interested in learning how to trade profitably on Binance, you can create your Binance account and then message me on Whatsapp to enroll in my training.

6. Sell other peoples products

Selling is a skill everyone needs to master. In fact, if you can’t sell, you can’t make money. We’re simply selling ourselves through life every day. And the money is made at the end of the sale.

For those that are currently broke, I always suggest finding a quality product or service of a good company and promoting them for a commission.

…And the easy part is that it can be done both online and offline.

Online, I have promoted the likes of Binance, LUNO, and many other platforms simply because I use them and they are reliable. There are many platforms out there that need customers and just like me, you can be earning $300 promoting them.  I believe you can do it.

Go ahead and search for companies online and enroll for their affiliate package. For those that don’t have an affiliate program, give them a call.

One Bonus Tip

If you’re broke and you need money. Go out there to people or businesses and tell them what you can do to help their business. If you do this for 100 businesses, you will definitely get a job and solve your money issues. 

Still doubting:confused:! Stop, it’s a zero to 100 reward. You got nothing to lose.

Don’t be scared. Walk into any business or call their office line and ask to speak with the CEO/manager.

Tell them about yourself and what you can offer them, and they will surely schedule a meeting with you. I have been doing this for a long time, so I know what I’m talking about.

I once called a top official of Adron Homes & Properties in Lagos and he connected me with another top official in Ibadan and I did enroll as an agent. Though I didn’t continue due to external factors like going for NYSC, the important fact is that I was able to get into the system.

So don’t be afraid my friend. You have got nothing to lose if you call and ask.

Before you tried you got nothing and if after you tried you still got nothing, you’ve lost nothing. But if you continue you will surely get a company to pick you.

One more thing, don’t limit yourself. Go ahead and call big companies like the kind of Dangote, nestle, etc

If you tell them what can benefit them, they might as well call you for an interview.

Finally, Forget about your CV, what’s important is what you can do?

Go out there and let people know what you can do.

I hope you’ve learned something new and you will put all this six steps into use. Now go and write your long-term plans and short-term plans on paper because if it’s not written down, your memory might fail you.

Once it’s well written, immediately start working towards them.

If at all I will give you an advice, it will be the fact that nobody is coming to save you. Not even your government, they’re there for their own pocket.

You have got to take the bull by the horn and lead yourself, maybe after then you might have a chance to survive this great nation.

Kindly leave your thoughts in the comments below, and share this post with anyone who could benefit.