What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Pitch’? Raising money from investors right. That’s cool, but pitching is much more than that. We don’t only pitch to investors, we pitch to every single person we meet during the day.

So what’s a pitch? In my opinion, a pitch is anything you do to sell or promote a particular product or idea. And a good example is trying convince your customers, family members or girl friend etc. to take a specific action.

Just like money, a good pitch will help you get things faster. Do you now see why it’s important to know how to pitch like a Pro? If yes, the below tips will guide you to become an expert in pitching.

7 Tips To Pitch Like A Pro

1. It’s not about your interests; it’s about theirs.

Having the opening line “This is my business and here’s what we do” is the worst opening line. Don’t give people the impression that you just want to make money off them.

2. No response means NO.

People who offer a lot of value and get lots of pitches will often ignore you.

When you get ignored by the person you are pitching to, it means “no,” not now and try again.

3. Do a 30-second Google Search.

Endeavour to get information About the person you’re pitching to.

Seriously, don’t pitch me a food business when I have zero interest in food

4. Don’t pitch on the first message.

It’s advisable not to pitch on your first email/message. It’s better to first build some sort of rapport or connection with the person you’re pitching to.

5. Avoid overselling.

“We’re going to feed one million people and we launch next month.”

According to Tim Denning, when giving a pitch, you should sell the dream and not oversell it.

6. Give them an opt-out.

Let people know that you are not forcing them to take action or reply you.

Say something like “If you’re not interested that’s completely fine and don’t feel you must reply.”

7. End on a high.

Let it focus on the other person and make sure you mention how you value and appreciate them.

Knowing how to pitch like a pro can liberate and expose you to more opportunities.

I believe you’ve learnt something new today. Now, go out there and pitch yourself to success.

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Source: Tim Denning’s Blog