7 Ways Nigerians can Make More Money in 2018

The worst business you can do in Nigeria is a business without technology (TECH).

Technology has proven to more relevant to people in countries with very poor and fragile systems than the government. Don’t get me wrong, I just don’t believe our government is capable of  empowering many Nigerians due to the poor systems currently pervading  our society.

TECH is all the different and usable technologies developed by a culture or group of people.

A funny thing about TECH is that it has the ability to reduce cost and skyrocket profit/revenue of any business. But that’s only if you adopt and develop it over time.

Based on my five years experience in the Tech industry, i have recommended below: 7 ways  Nigerians can make more money and change their lives in 2018.


1. Blockchain Technology:

This like an advance internet with built-in robustness. The blockchain cannot be controlled by any single entity and has no single point of failure.

How Nigerians can make money from blockchain technology.

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This technology alone has changed how things operate in some industries (Banking, finance, data security & storage etc). And just like the internet, it has potentials to make many Nigerians millionaires if they are ready to be early adopters.

However, early adoption will require a little bit of risk taking, and if you’re not ready to take the risk, then forget about the money.

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2. Python programming:

Companies like #Facebook, #Google and #Reddit all use Python for their websites because of its versatility.

Angel List, a hub for start-ups looking to hire, reported that Python is the second most wanted skill on their market and has the highest offered salaries. The job hunting site indeed.com also reported that 43,000 jobs in the USA have been given to Python programmers with salaries of $70,000-$115,000+.

Even though all the proves I have about Python encompasses the US market, i bet you  that being a python developer in Nigeria would get you more job opportunities. At least you will make a fraction of the  $70,000-$115,000+ python programmers earn in the US.

Don’t be an outcast, be a Python Programmer.

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3. Web development:

Learning web development goes much further beyond  just developing websites. Many people now learn web development to increase their skill sets and become more versatile within their team.

As a Nigerian web developer, you will be able to fit in as a Graphic designers, project managers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and digital marketers depending on project requirements.

You’ll be working closely with developers all the time, and interact frequently with code – for example, digital marketers will often need to embed bits of code into websites to allow for better campaign tracking, and graphics designers will need to turn their designs into code for developers to build websites from.

In short if you’re a non-developer, learning how to code will make you more valuable, flexible and adaptable.

4. Website Management:

The World Wide Web is over twenty years old, and websites have evolved into the daily operations of virtually major organizations in Nigeria and the whole world.

This new trend is giving room to some new type of professionals known as the website managers. This job is so flexible that you can manage the websites of 5 organization from the comfort of your room, every f$cking month.

Moreover, chances are that majority of top Nigerian organizations are not aware of the following:

  • How much traffic their website gets, what pages people go to most, and how they get there.
  • Whether their website is well structured and easy to navigate.
  • Whether the site is optimized for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Only a website manager can help this companies out. I advise you become one and gather experience early enough, before anyone else.

5. Graphics designing:

This another major Tech that can make your entire lifestyle very flexible. Being a Nigerian graphics designer can enable you work on projects from any part of the world. Guess what? Nigerians are among the highest paid graphics designers on the famous freelancing site FIVERR.

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6. Social Media/Online influence:

I once considered social media as a way to start making more money with nothing. However, you need to provide value before you can become a strong social media influencers.

Emmanuela/Mark Angel Comedy, Woli Arole the Prophet, Asiri Comedy and KrackTV are all examples of popular social media (Instagram) influencers in Nigeria.

With a cost of roughly ₦50K to acquire a good smartphone, you to can become a good social media influencer by sharing your experience and values with others. You can even take it a step further by getting a laptop and start sharing professionally edited videos and images with your fans.

Note: If you’re persistent enough to give more value while building your followers, you would eventually make money. Advertisers will start chasing you up and down to get featured on your channel.

7. eCommerce:

Electronic commerce simply means transactions of buying and selling online. The major advantages of having an online store or eCommerce store is the fact that:

  • It’s easier and cheaper to set up, unlike the normal offline shops.
  • You have your store automated and running 24/7 with little or no daily cost.
  • Unlike the normal offline shops which have an average of 100 customers per day, you have access to billions of users on a daily basis.

One easy method to immediately start making money with eCommerce is to setup stores on popular eCommerce websites.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you understand some trending technology or ways Nigerians can make more money in 2018.

I also strongly believe the information provided in this post is basically all you need to start cashing out in 2018. Just choose one or two of the technology and employ it in your new business.

Don’t forget to take  action, and take it now.

All suggestions and recommendations are welcome in the comment box below.