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Good to have you back on 9CF (The Finance Blog of Africa), and today I will be sharing with you 8 reliable investment you can make in 2019.

Although these are very simple investment ideas, you still won’t know how profitable they are until you give it a shot.

So I will assume you are openminded and action-oriented, and I will go ahead to list this ideas below:

8 reliable investment you can make in 2019

1. Savings

I’m sure you’re perplexed that I’m starting with savings. But the fact is that savings is the major source of capital that people use for investment in Africa, and I can beat my chest that most people don’t know how to save.

Based on my experience so far, under saving and over savings are the major problems of saving money.

This is because under saving can make you overlook the amount of your money thereby withdrawing it, and over saving can make you vunulrable to bad investment decision. And the best way to tackle both issue is by saving at least 40% of your capital and at most 60% of your capital.

2 Mutual Funds

This simply means people pull-up funds together and give a fund manager to invest in varios Financial Market on their behalf. The fund manager is expected to yield a return of about 8% to 15% of the invested capital on an annual basis. I don’t always recommend this investment option unless you’re pretty sure of the competence of the fund manager.

In addition, always make sure you understand the fees and charges applicable to such investment, otherwise it might not worth it in the long run.

3 Stocks and Shares

Buying shares simply means buying an ownership right in a particular company. And when you buy a stock, you’re buying a collection of shares.

Currently, the prices of stocks in Nigerian Stock Market seems low and you may decide to buy now and sell high after considering all requirements and risk involved.

4. Real Estates

Owning real estates like rental properties can be a guaranteed way of creating consistent cash flow.

The business is even more profitable and lucrative depending on where you live. In places like Lagos, real estate business are hot cakes due to the high population.

5. ETF and Derivatives

Trading or investing in Electronic Traded Funds(ETF) and derivatives can be a good source of additional income if you have the required skillset.

Disclaimer! This asset class is extremely risky, as you can loose part or all of your initial capital.

6. Farming

Farming is one of the most underated business in Nigeria. You can invest in farming by funding farming operations or buying agricultural commodities/funds online.

7. Your Career

This could be getting a certification, a degree, or a business coach. The investment in yourself could get a raise, a promotion, or growth in your business.

The bottom line here is that you should never underestimate the power of reading and learning.

8. People

Always remember that the main purpose of investing is to let your money work for you. So you don’t necessarily have to create more and more businesses from scratch.

Invest in businesses of experts whom you can trust, and watch/monitor your money as it grows.

I hope you found this article useful. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Have a great year ahead,

Kehinde Lawal
Founder 9jacashflow