Its rarely possible to find success in business without relying on a handful of technology. As we are already in the technology age, it will be foolish to refuse to embrace technology because virtually everything that is done is done with tech.

Moreover, if your competitors are relying on tech to grow their businesses, failure to do so will only retard your growth and put you behind.

Don’t get this wrong, a completely non techie person can also learn some basic tech skills, just to grow their business and advance their career.

Below are some of the tech skills every prospective business owner must know before opening their doors:

1. Social Media: At first, social media’s craze was only identified with millennials, you could find them socializing and doing other fun things. Now, even the older generation have gotten the hang of it. It has become a great tool for business development.

Almost every individual is on social media, which means that your target market, with careful planning and strategies, can be found there. So you must be able to use the social media platforms effectively.

2. Emailing: Its funny that only few people know how to use emails the proper way. These days, people don’t like to spend long hours in meetings anymore. Whatever can be said in the meeting can also be sent via email to the recipients.

With the click of a button, you can communicate with just anybody, make business deals, sign new contracts and get more customers from anywhere in the world.

3. Excel: From generating memos to tracking sales and imputing data, Microsoft excel is a software that is widely used by business establishments all over. Its mostly used for financial activities and can even be used by a novice. But for specialized tasks,the user must undergo specialized trainings.

4. Design: No matter how innovative your products are, you won’t win customers’ hearts except you have excellent design skills. Design matters a lot when it comes to product so before you think of manufacturing your products, think about adding to your design skills.

There are excellent design tools such as online design platform like canva ( or design softwares like Photoshop, illustrator, light room or Corel draw.

5. Cloud Computing: Sounds like a very high techie skill right? Wrong. Its simply the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data rather than a local server or hardware.

All you have to do is buy a space on the cloud, once you’ve gotten that, you then back up your files into that cloud space. Example is google drive.

6. Coding: Now this skill might not be necessary for every business owner or for every business, but it’s advised to have basic coding skills so that you can easily work on simple tech solutions without spending any dime on outsourcing, but if not, outsourcing a programmer is not a bad idea too.

7. Writing: You might not really call this a tech skill, but you need to be able to write great website content to get people coming back to your site. You’ll also need to be able to write copies for your products that need to be posted online, catchy sales copies and even emails.

However, you can hire good content writers for your business, but don’t forget that your budget will be limited at the starting phase of your business.

8. Desktop Publishing: This is by far the most important skill to know. Without basic knowledge of computer packages, no business owner can survive this age of information technology.

So before you open your doors, see that you do the needful.