Ever been in a situation where you are watching a really nice program on the tv and you get interrupted by a commercial?

Or you are watching a football match and you’re constantly being interrupted by some silly commercials?

Well, that’s how it’s done with traditional advertising.

But with digital advertising, you get to market or advertise your products to people who are actually likely to patronize you. This is done through targeted advertising.

Say you checked for laptops on an e-commerce store, you saw the one you liked and you went ahead to add it to your cart, but for one reason or another, you couldn’t complete your purchase.

Then a few moments later, you began to see that same laptop all over your screen as you carry out your daily activities online. That’s called display advertising, and it was targeted at you because you tried to purchase the product at one point.

Digital advertising is really effective because you are able to advertise to people who are likely to buy.

But at the same time, you could be doing it wrong. If your advertising doesn’t incite excitement in people and doesn’t compel them to check it out further, you will be wasting both your time and your money.

How do you incite excitement in people and compel them to open your advert and take action?

That’s where the 9 commandments of digital advertising come in.

  1. Arrest their attention by using a compelling headline: If you came across 2 adverts and one of the said

“Visit our online store to buy the latest affordable printers from now till next month”


“Need new printers that are very easy to use and can do 10x than usual?

Visit our online store to get them at 50% the actual price

Offer lasts till 14th of September

Click the link below to order”

Which one are you likely to open? Most people will choose the first one.

The headline is like an advert for your advert, it is what people will see first that will then determine whether they will check it out. Because it’s the most important aspect of your advert, you should spend more time crafting the perfect headline.

2. Give them an offer: In the first point, the advert actually came with an offer. “50% of the actual price” is one offer nobody will ignore.

What will differentiate your advert from your competitors is if you are willing to offer prospects something. But don’t over-do your offers. Reducing your price to get more customers is never the best thing to do because you will only run out of money eventually.

Therefore, you need to be smart with your efforts, make sure that you are not cutting yourself short with offers and make it last for only a little while.

Which brings me to the next point.

3. Create a Sense of Urgency: If your prospects see that they can still get the same offer if they came back to your page 2 weeks later, then they won’t take any action you may want them to take.

In the second example, it was stated that the offer is from now till the 14th of September.

It creates a sense of urgency and makes them take immediate action.

4. Add a Call-To-Action: Call-to-actions or CTA are statements that make your prospects do something.

Sometimes, people need to be told what to do. A CTA propels people to carry out an action you want them to.

CTAs include: “Get a quote, Order now, Click the link below, Learn more, Send us a message” etc.