It’s so funny and interesting that the major google search keyword we get on is, “how to make money as a Nigerian student”. It’s now glaring  that amidst the economic downturn in the country, Nigerian parents are finding it difficult to support their children in schools.

In other to survive, every Nigerian student should therefore  learn new skills and embrace technologies that would enable them make money while on campus. Below is a list of businesses Nigerians can start in 2018 with little or no capital.

9 Profitable Business Nigerians can Start in 2018 with Little or No Capital

1. Cryptocurrency Trading: This actually the most profitable business a Nigerian can start in 2018. It’s quite easy to make $20 (7,300) daily, especially if you understand the basics of trading (fundamental analysis, technical analysis and risk management). However, it’s also the easiest way to lose money, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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2. Data Share Business: This the one of the most trending businesses in Nigerian university campuses. Though It does not require much money to start, you will need to have good marketing skills in other to make good profits. You can contact me directly (0810 185 0909) if you will be interested in learning how to start data share business of all mobile network.

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3. Online Marketing and Affiliates: This what one of my mentor Anik Singal call “Earning from other people’s sweat“. You don’t always have to create your product from scratch, just market those quality products others have spent time creating in return for a commission. However, in other to make good income, it will require you to have good online presence and social media followers.

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4. Sales Representative: This pretty easy. You need to visit local businesses in your area and register to market their products for a commission. Have been able to do this for 2 companies (a real estate and a travel abroad company) this February. Though am yet to make any sales, I’m well assured I would get a commission anytime a customer I refer purchase something from those companies. So get up and go make those connections. Below is a picture I took after I applied to become an independent marketer at Adron Homes and Properties LTD at Cocoa House Ibadan.

5. Video Editing and Creation: If you’re skilled in editing and creating videos, making money shouldn’t be that difficult any longer. A lot of politicians, churches, schools and  businesses etc. wants to boost their marketing through videos, and they’re always on the lookout to hire professional video editor with cheaper production fees.

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6. Social Media Management: I know a couple of businesses who needs professional social media manager to manage their social media accounts. I personally know about 2 social media manager, and I should patronize them anytime soon.

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7. Website Designing: Though we now have a lot of wordpress and CMS website designers, getting web design job shouldn’t be difficult if you can sell and make the right connection. If you can couple website designing with website management, you will definitely make more money.

8. Article and Content Creation: Nowadays, it’s getting difficult to successfully operate your online business and at the same time create useful content for your customers. Most companies now outsource the job to professional content creator for as high as 30,000/month. Last year, I was able to seal a content creation deal with a real estate blockchain company for $300 per month.

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9. Graphics Designing: Every business in the world need branding, and they would go any length to hire professional graphics designer to design graphics for online and offline promotions. If you’re a brand strategist and at the same time a graphic designer, you will definitely earn more money.

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Finally, I think the most important thing is that you should be smart enough to get the bigger pictures of this businesses. Nobody will give you all the required steps into to. Always add your initiatives.
Also, don’t do all this businesses at the same time. That’s automatic and unnecessary headache.
Thanks for taking your time to read through.
See you all at the top.