This week has been a wonderful one for us at 9jacashflow. We started by publishing an article titled “5 Reasons you won’t make money trading Cryptocurrency or Forex.You should check it out so you don’t make the same pitfalls every newbie trader makes.

We also published a post about the Decentralized Finance(DeFi) platform called Celcius Network. The platform allows you to earn interest of up to 10% APR(Average Percentage Return) from your crypto deposits. Interesting enough, you can use your crypto as collateral to borrow a loan at 4% APR.

Next was a short video on how to buy Bitcoin at a very cheap price using your Binance account and a debit card. You should definitely try it out.

I also shared my Twitter post to give some insights on how Banks can decide to slow down crypto adoption. Furthermore, I shared a job offer for a front end developer needed at Binance(the leading crypto exchange in the world).

Finally, Olufisayo Ogundipe, our guest author who writes about businesses dropped a very insightful article titled “5 Qualities Every Business Leader Must Possess.

To sum sit up, we did make some profit from our trades.  However, the price of bitcoin fell but since we are not selling anytime soon, nothing to worry about.

I think we need to also let you know about the Crypto calculator available at the bottom of every page on our website. Feel free to use it as it will save you time and headaches.

Thank you so much for reading our weekly roundup. Remember your feedback is always welcome. You can send us an email with your feedback to [email protected]

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