A Day Seminar on How to Earn Over $300 With Your Skills on Fiverr

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Everybody want to make more money, but only few people understand the fact that you have to “learn more to earn more“, you need to lean new things from experts, take action on the new things you learned and earn new big money in return.

In respect to this, 9jacashflow.com have collaborated with a renown online biz coach, in person of “Oyaleke Ayobami” to bring about a one day seminar on “How to Earn Over $200 With Your Skills on Fiverr“.

This seminar would hold at exactly 10:00am 13th of August 2016, at Ondo State library hall, St Peters bustop Akure Ondo state. The seminar is totally free, since nobody is here to collect your hard earned money. I’m sure you now know you got nothing to loose by attending this seminar.

To all my 9jacashflow.com fans, i promise you the day is going to be hooked up, as your life will not remain thesame if you come. You will receive an outstanding lecture from me, where i will be discussing about; the basics of online business, 4 guaranteed ways of making money online and how to be a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria.

If you can make the seminar day, you are also liable to benefit the followings:

  1. What fiverr and other micro jobs website are all about.
  2. How to create a converting fiverr account.
  3. How to craft an SEO friendly Gig.
  4. How to persuade clients to purchase your services.
  5. How to withdraw your funds to your bank account.

All other details concerning the seminar are on the above image banner, you can as well contact me incase of any inquiries.

To your financial successs
Lalkay (Lawal Kehinde Damilare),
CEO www.9jacashflow.com & www.9ja-ebook.com