In the recent past the biggest issue startups from Lagos to Nairobi or Cape Town and Johannesburg would complain about was the lack of venture funding and the lack of options when it came to seeking funding. They’d look on forlornly as startups in admittedly much bigger markets like Silicon Valley or New York literally raised tens of millions of dollars in a Series A round.

That’s beginning to change this year as more funds are being launched to focus specifically on African startups with loftier ambitions than providing a $50,000 grant.

This week, Africinvest, a Tunis-based private equity firm partnered with Cathay Innovation—a subsidiary of Paris-based private equity firm Cathay Capital to launch a new pan-Africa focused tech venture fund with a target raise of $168 million.

Meanwhile, Seedstars, the Swiss group which organizes startup competitions in emerging markets, is partnering with First Growth Ventures’ founders Tamim El Zein and Maxime Bouan to launch a $100 million sub-Saharan Africa venture fund.

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