Mr Bankole Emmanuel, the CEO of AgroMarketPlace adequately hammered the 10 success guidelines every Nigerian farmers must know, at the just concluded TFS (The followership Summit), held at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA).

In the above video, he succinctly succeeded in cajoling the info-hungry student of FUTA that Agriculture is the future of Nigeria. However, he concluded the current state of agriculture in Nigeria is always over hyped, with little or no result.


He suggested agriculture in Nigeria will improve if we focus more on solving food problems of our immediate society and later move on to the whole world, not the other way around.

Agriculture in Nigeria is always over hyped. This is causing us more harm than good, as we don’t get result that way… Mr Bankole Emmanuel (CEO AgroMarketPlace.)


Below are the 10 success facts he posited for all AGRIPRENEURS:

  1. Start with what you have: Start immediately as quick as possible.
  2. Documentation: Start taking pictures and document what you’re doing online.
  3. Be serious: Majority goes into agriculture with the mindset of making money, agriculture is by far more than that. We need alot of people to do research on improving the current menace facing Nigerian Agricultural Ecosystem.
  4. Focus on a niche: You can’t do all agriculture business, focus on one and endeavor to be the best at it. We need people to start supplying viable seeds as most seeds are being imported or sort from few companies in Nigeria.
  5. FaceBook Page/Business Page: You need a facebook business page which can always serve as your official business page. This affirms the business qoute that “don’t tell me, show me”. Hope you know what to do when Mr governor ask you about your business; don’t tell him, show him your business page.
  6.  Make money as a middle man: making money as an agripreneur is not only limited to just farming. You can earn huge amount of money by connecting buyers with sellers, at the comfort of your home. Connect farmers with viable seeds sellers, connect investors with experienced farmers etc.
  7. Take more action: talk less about it and focus more on making it happen. Agriculture will grow in Nigeria if we spend less time hyping it, and focus more on taking action.
  8. Work with people: create a mastermind group of farmers. If you work alone, you fail alone.
  9. Keep going and keep growing: you will fail and you will loose money but what matters most is you are already in the system and you’ve started learning. Keep learning, keep going and keep growing.
  10. Follow your heart and take action.
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Now that you’ve equipped yourself with this valuable information, go out there and go make Mr Bankole Emmanuel and proud.

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All the best! Have any suggestions, kindly use the comment box below.