You GET what you EXPECT
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The following habit should be adhered to strictly
This a new Month, the 12th and the last month in the year 2014
please ensure you do any of the following 12 Golden Nuggets

1) Make new friends cause “You are the average of your best 10 friends”
2) Acquire new success habit cause “You need constant improvement and motivation”
3) Always make your aim and aspiration high cause “Nothing is impossible”.
4) No matter your circumstances or situation always remember God cause “No man can make it alone”
5) Only depend on God cause “Men will fail you”
6) Always expect a positive result cause “You get what you expect”
7) Always take action cause “The world doesn’t pays you for what you KNOW, it pays you for what you DO”
8) Don’t disturb yourself with what other people think about you cause “What other people think about you is not a requirement for your success”
9) Value earning over money cause “There’s earning in learning”
10) Never limit yourself, try to be creative cause “Imitation is limitation”
11) always act “as if”, if you want to be a lawyer, dress and speak like one cause “of the LAW OF ATTRACTION which state that likes attract likes”
12) Be willing to start without seeing the entire pathway, just lean onto it, and take logical next step cause “you begin creating momentum (That unseen energy force that brings more opportunity, more resources and more people who can help you into your life extremely just the right time for you to benefit best from them)

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PSS: This post is for every one, from your modest friend Kenny.

with faith, I pray God elevate and support us, like the rungs of a ladder.