Insightful Bitcoin(BTC) analysis from my buddy Alanmaster. Keep reading, as I’m sure you would find it useful.

Bitcoin continues to grow, new money is entering the market. Even though the alts are going lower looking for support, this is really good for all of us.

Once Bitcoin stops or retraces, we will have massive bullish action hitting the altcoins market. We will see money flow from Bitcoin to all of the alts which translate into massive profits.

Welcome to Bitcoin 2019!
Let’s get started!

Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) Short Analysis

Trading easily above EMA10, Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) can continue going higher, here is the daily chart:


  • All the bearish signals have been obliterated.
  • The price spread between BitFinex and other major exchanges such as CoinBase, BitMEX, and BitStamp has been removed. Past history showed us that this normally results in a crash, but instead, Bitcoin grew, moving always contrary to what most people believe.
  • The bearish divergence is gone.
  • Trading volume keeps on coming in on a daily basis.
  • We have a massively bullish RSI .
  • We have a bullish cross of EMA50 and EMA300, something not seen since Oct. 2015.
  • The future is bright for the cryptocurrency market, we will enjoy profits an all altcoins on the way up.

Article Source: Alanmasters Tradingview Ideas