I recently came accross this Job opening and I felt like sharing it with my loyal readers 👇👇👇.

The Hydro ecosystem of smart contracts has the potential to benefit companies and enterprises globally.

Understanding that enterprise and companies globally need to be well informed about Hydro protocols, to enable them implement the protocols and partner accordingly, we are introducing the Enterprise Solution Team.

The team will compose of:

  • Sales engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Architects
  • Developers


This team requires expertise and precision and a good understanding of Hydro Protocols and products. Team members will receive a two weeks intensive training to fully prepare for the task and will be provided with all marketing and sales collateral, software, CRM, and other tools necessary to complete the work.

The activity of the team will be sourcing for partners, clients, and identify interests towards Hydro solutions. The Team will seek to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with partners and clients and will be responsible for managing and overseeing the Hydro Lab incubation program.

Financial Benefits

Apart from the commision on KPI delivery, there will be performance based monthly stipend.

Category Amount (In Hydro tokens)
New big tech company $10,000
New Integration partner $1,500
New Start-up $1,000
New Incubated dApp $1,000


Important Notes

  1. New big tech companies are classified based on numbers of global/local users/clients, branches and brand popularity. However, further classification will added by Hydro Lab officers.
  2. To qualify as partners, company/enterprise are to use at least one Hydro protocol and utilize Hydro token.
  3. Payment of commission for New big tech partner, new integration partners and new start-up are as follows: 20% payment on signing an agreement between Hydro Labs and the company and 80% paid after the integration is complete.
  4. Team member will go through on-boarding training to ensure better understanding of hydro protocols and the job to be done.
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To Apply, send you CV and why you believe you fit into this team to [email protected] with subject ENTERPRISE TEAM APPLICATION.