If you were to vary the recent life experience of many Nigerians, a thousand words is not enough to describe the “Nigeria of today“. But also looking at Nigeria from a business perspective and considering the opinion of the rich and the poor, two words will describe Nigeria. What are those two words?

“Recession” and “Progression”


To the poor and the middle class, it’s as if Nigeria is even in a more worse situation than recession, as nearly all business activities are not like before. Majority of this so called middle class have to battle with reduced/no income and tentative increase in prices of food stock everyday.

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As am writing this post, a “congo of gaari” now cost 400, what use to be 120 exactly a year ago. Am not being skeptical, but if this people don’t eat; how can they work, how can they contribute to the worsening economy, or do you even think the government alone will solve this issue of so-called bad economy themselves (though i don’t even believe we have bad economy).

Moreover, do you know we ourselves contribute to this bad economy more than our government do? Can you imagine Nigerians like yourself always wasting time listening to an old man with glasses on the TV, telling them how the country is in a state of recession day in day out.

Do you know how many people sit at home recessed simply because all they hear on the TV and radio is recession and recession. Do you know how many people who failed to get up, simply because they believe going out means meeting recession-hit people who are not willing to pay for goods and services.


The fact still remains that whether we like it or not, not all Nigerians are feeling recession, it’s just what you decide to see. What do you see? Do you see opportunities or you see difficulties around.

Can you spot prospect in Agriculture when our people whom don’t make up to a dollar per day, can’t even afford 400 congo of gaari. Can you spot prospect in technology when all our old-model businesses don’t sell any longer (do you still think what our local traders sell in the market is still enough to sustain their various families).

If you think political occurrences in the country  caused recession (you maybe right), but the rapid way things change in our society is enough to put Nigerians in discomfort aside economic recession. My point here is this, don’t stay comfortable thinking we’re in recession, old-model businesses are being overtaken by new business models daily, it’s better you also evolved or you will be left out.

I’m sorry to say this, but majority of Nigerian radio stations promote shit advertisement and horrible information. Don’t let your financial decisions be based on radio presenters that have low or average financial IQ.  It’s not about what the statistic says, it’s about what you yourself say based on your direct experience.

Remember, it’s your choice to decide what you believe in, as it will greatly affect the opportunities you see and how you make use of the information you get.


Coming to look at it, there are emerging trends in the world that are revolutionizing the way we do things. The good news is that majority of this emerging business trends/models have the possibility of alleviating Nigerians to wealth, while the bad news is that 98% of Nigerians are unaware or have a negative orientation of this new technologies.

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As i said earlier, it’s your choice to choose whether you believe there’s recession or whether you focus your energy on activities that will liberate you and Nigerians around you. It’s your choice to decide whether to blame the government or use the government that don’t believe in Nigerians as motivation to provide future oriented solutions that the government can’t.

I don’t know whether you’re an entrepreneur or not as am a business oriented individual, but once published that;

As an Entrepreneur in Nigeria you can’t depend on the Government’
– CEO Ojoro Kitchen

This is so true for an average Nigerian, as some of you live in states where 90% of the economy depends on the government revenue going to the state workers.

Just imagine it in your brain, how can a state like that survive in occasions of shortage in government revenue and salary where not paid for months; it’s most likely that all civil servants,  parents, traders, children, artisans and professionals will be dam broke.

Instead of blaming government for not paying salaries, why not think outside the box to bring opportunities to your people, as you’re already much aware that it’s illogical for 90% of state citizen to depend on government salaries.

Do you see that Nigerian citizens are even at the greater verge of helping themselves and not the government being more equipped to helping Nigerians.

Once again, stop staying comfortable, diversify in your knowledge base and stay relevant. Even that business you think is sustainable for your family without you doing anything is at the verge of collapsing, looking at recent economic trends.


Another issue i will like to address before going to the deal of the day is the fact that “What you see around in Nigeria depends on what you feed yourself with”. Many are waiting for opportunities but the fact is, “Great opportunities are not seen with the EYES, they are seen with the MIND”.

So what are you feeding yourself with? Opportunities or limitations, Ideas or side talk about people.

To spot opportunities in Nigeria, you need to build momentum. You need to learn new things daily about anything you doing i.e committing to KAIZEN (constant daily learning and improvement).

You will only:

  • Spot opportunities in computer technology if you spend time building yourself and learning new things daily about computer technology.
  • Spot opportunities about online business if you spend time updating yourself about information relating to online business.
  • Spot opportunities in Agriculture, if you have gathered some ideas over time on agriculture.

So now tell me, can you spot mind-blowing opportunities on the internet, if you spend time listening to music on radio or if you don’t even try to touch or browse on a computer?


Though, all have been saying since morning is just to give you the right mental mindset and perception to survive in Nigeria presently.

So, whats still your take? RECESSION or PROGRESSION?


 All things being equal, you had spent some precious time reading this article and I’m very sure you will only feel happier if you get trending business ideas you can start immediately. That’s not a big deal, i will list three trending business ideas below, find one you love and start immediately (i mean check your wristwatch and start now), but please “value learning over earning”:

  1. Cryptocurrency Business:

    I told you about evolution that are coming to change the way things will be done in the future. One of them is cryptocurrency. This digital currency is already changing the finance and banking systems abroad, but the funniest thing is that most Nigerians are unaware and the few Nigerians whom are aware are already been mislead into thinking cryptocurrency business is all about buying bitcoin and using it on ponzi website or joining scam cryptocurrency like TBC. Based on experience, cryptocurrency is actually  far more than that.

    I see cryptocurrency as a means to liberate Nigerians financially and give us more millionaires in 3 years to come.

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    To help Nigerians, i have decided to train anybody interested in cryptocurrency business, though this will attract a token amount of 5000 which is nothing compared with over 1 millionaire that i lost trying to figure out what cryptocurrency entails to Nigerians.

    If you’re interested you can call me on (08101850909). It’s a one week intense training and you must have at least an android device, that’s  connected to the internet. Also, don’t call me if you’re interested in ponzi or get rich quick schemes, this works overtime.

  2. Agriculture business:

    I’m sure you’re very much familiar with the way prices of food stocks are increasing daily in Nigeria. Most people will conclude its recession, but the facts is that our overall agriculture output is very low.

    According to, 70 percent of the population engages in agricultural production at a subsistence level. This simply means few Nigerians practice large-scale farming, and their combined effort is not  enough to meet food demands, as majority of farmers only have farm produce enough to feed their families.

    This also insinuating that, there are already established hungry/starving market for most raw agriculture output, without or with little marketing.

    Examples of farming you can go into are; watermelon farming, grass cutter farming and poultry business. You can contact me on 08101850909 to get first hand trending information and people to help you start any of the above agriculture businesses.

  3. Online/Internet business:

    Just as Bill Gate had predicted that in 5 years time; there will be two types of businesses, those that are on the internet and those that are out of business.

    The fact is that this already happening, majority of old business models are no longer working. Local business owners are making less sales day in day out. It’s high time most businesses come online (i didn’t say completely stop and start online business ooh).

    An example are the retail shops in front off your house. Few years ago, such business can sustain a family for some period of time, now it’s the other way around because of eCommerce and the likes.

    For those that will be interested in bringing their businesses online, they can visit this unique website

    While those that want to learn online business can contact me (08101850909), as that’s my areas of specialization.

Again, business wise: What do you See? Recession or Progression.

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PS: It’s never to late to try again, decide what you want and go for it. Be positive, create opportunities for yourself and stop blaming the government for your financial situations, they don’t owe us anything, you just have to create it.

Business wise: What do you See? Recession or Progression.

Always at your financial freedom,

Lawal Kehinde
CEO ColossalNet Technology LTD