CoinMarketCap(CMC), the best cryptocurrency data aggregator has announced the launch of their next earn campaign with Orchid-a cryptocurrency-powered virtual private network (VPN). This an opportunity for you to learn about cryptocurrency and make money.

If you participate by watching educational videos and completing a quiz about Orchid, you will earn 20 OXT Coin from the pool of 800,000 OXT rewards— so get ready to start learning and earning!

This campaign will last until either a minimum of 10 days or when the 800,000 OXT rewards pool is gone.


Only CoinMarketCap users with a Binance KYC-verified account will be able to participate in this Earn campaign. So you can create your Binance account here in other to be able to receive the OXT rewards.

So what’s next!

If you’re new to CMC earn, you need to first create a CoinMarketCap account here.

Then go on over to CoinMarketCap Earn’s Orchid campaign to begin watching a series of educational videos about OXT. Make sure you take notes when watching — you’ll need that information for the quiz!

When you’ve finished watching, take a short quiz about OXT, using everything that you just learned. You can only take the quiz once, so check your answers carefully!

If you successfully complete the quiz, you will receive a reward in OXT when the campaign is over.

What Is Orchid?

Orchid (OXT) is the native cryptocurrency of a blockchain-powered virtual private network. It describes itself as the world’s first incentivized, peer-to-peer privacy network with the goal of overcoming the limitations on internet freedom. You can learn more about Orchid here.

If you’re set, visit the CoinMarketCap Earn’s Orchid campaign to start learning and earning.