Today, humanity is faced with a global threat. A threat that does not discriminate by race, academic and political might, military strength etc. a threat which seeks to undermine the way of life. The threat is the novel Coronavirus also known as COVID-19

The government ordered relief to be given to the populace; this though may not be enough to cater for the population for the term of the lockdown if equally shared to everyone has also brought concerns as citizens have complained of not receiving these relief packages.

With these challenges abounding nationwide, some leaders in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry in Africa have taken it upon themselves to come together to extend a helping hand to the some members of the Nigerian community via the Blockchain4COVID-19 project.

The goal of the project is “to provide aid to at least 500 poor families around the city of Lagos during the lockdown and isolation period where people are required to stay at home with almost no alternative source of income.”

It’s no doubt, the current economic situation of the nation is one that calls for urgent and radical measures to preserve and promote post COVID-19, yet, for the Today, steps have to be taken to protect, preserve and promote our way of life as man, as humanity. This is the idea behind Blockchain4COVID-19

As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”. Let’s be that change we push to help others.

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