Good day Sir/Ma, you are welcome to this great website. I will ensure I’m brief and straight forward in the discussion of this topic.

Firstly I will like to define what an attractive website is? An attractive website is a simple but responsive website, what do I mean by responsive? I mean having a good shape on all major browsing devices such as; ipad, iphone, tablet, laptop, blackberry etc. below is a look of how a responsive site should look like.

An attractive website should also be simple in the sense that it should be easy to access and navigate through, you don’t need a Professor to tell you that a clumsy and overpacked website might not be condusive to readers, as too much of ingredient spoil the soup.

After you might have familiarize yourself with how an attractive website looks like, the next thing you need to know is the creation of the website. As you already know, a website is the combination of different webpages, and the various types of website that are common are the;

  1. Blog: this a website to share your personal daily or weekly experience/view on a particular topic
  2. Forum:
  3. Ecommerce store
  4. Service provision store
  5. Academic or governmental site
  6. Dating site

So in creating the website, there are different platforms, depending on the type of the website.
For blog we have blogger, wordpress, typespad etc.
for ecommerce site we use opencart, abante cart, shopify, magento etc

For the purpose of this discussion or topic, I will discuss only the wordpress platform because it’s the easiest and the most direct platform for building an ordinary website. I’m sure you already have a hosting/domain name or better still, you already know what an hosting/ domain name is. If you don’t know click here———–. Or if you want to create a free wordpress site click here, in creating a wordpress site you need to register but if you have an hosting and domain name am sure you know how to install wordpress.

Furthermore; after creating the site, you need to design the site, in designing you only need to install a theme and edit it to your own taste. This are the links to various wordpress themes, I will advise choosing a simple theme. Click the link below to find various themes

After installing the themes the next step is editing the themes, you need to edit the name, title, image and other relevant things and you may likely delete unnecessary files.

Finally after following all this processes, you should have a website with the below look. Better still you can comment with the website link or if you have any question, you can use the comment box bellow.

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