CryptoYoda is one of the top Cryptocurrency Trading Analysist on Twitter. I have been following him for a while now and have decided to share his top Crypto Tips with you.

Some of CryptoYoda’s key tips designed to help budding day traders flourish in this field include:

  • Invest small, but smart: Buy fractions of Bitcoin every day, week or month — no matter how big the amount. If you do so, you have skin in the game, and countless opportunities will be there to multiply your initial investment in the time to come.
  • Be aware of the market: There will probably be around 10 to 15 blockchains dominating this space in some years from now. Find those. Keep away from hype and pseudo-decentralized coins.
  • Prioritize: Data is the most precious asset in today’s ever-digitizing world. Buy anon-coins early so you will have the privilege to send money without leaving a trace — which will be something that only the crypto-rich will be able to afford.
  • Get with the times: Learn to trade so you will be ready when the era of investment enters its golden age.
  • Expand your knowledge base: Start to dabble in coding so that you can create novel offerings within this new decentralized system.

This article first appeared on CoinTelegraph