Coinmarketcap recently introduces a series of crypto earn campaign which allows individuals to Acquire crypto assets in a fun and low-risk way, by watching videos and testing their knowledge.

Currently, the only active campaign is the “learn and earn Helium(HNT)” campaign, which is a video series on how to mine HNT and what the token is all about.

If you’re interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and you will like to be compensated between $10 and $30, you should go ahead and take the quiz.

Click here to learn and take the quiz.


  • Total Supply of HNT: 57,980,212,
  • Devices that will use HNT: Internet of Things Device,
  • Devices to connect in the next 5 years: 75 Billion Device,
  • The technology used by HNT: Long-fi,
  • What hotspot will earn: HNT,
  • What hotspot are not expected to do: Not expected to provide for nearby phone and laptops.
  • IoT devices pay with Data Credits.

Go straight and take the quiz here.