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Trust all is well amidst the current pandemic or plandemic. Which of one!

In the above video I simply explained how you can earn $50+ from  Crypto.com, a Decentralized Finance
(DeFi) platform offering basic banking solution with Cryptocurrency.

When you register on the platform and download either their Android or iOS application. You would be able to do the following.

  1. Save your money and earn upto 8.6% Average Percentage Return (APR).
  2. Get loan on the platform using your Cryptocurrency as collateral and pay as little as 5% APR.
  3. Invest alongside top-tier investors on the platform.
  4. Trade from one cryptocurrency to another.
  5. Pay and receive Cryptocurrency from people across the globe.

How Legitimate Is Crypto.com

I first heard about the platform from Anthony Pompiliano’s Podcast(Off the chain). They are the official sponsor of the podcast, and the company has been around for about 2 years.

More on the $50 Bonus

When you register and create your account you get $50 in MCO(Crypto.com Native App Token), which will be released after you stake 50MCO ($267) for 180 days.

Staking means you will lock your funds or leave it untouched for the specified period of time, and in this case it’s for 3 month. You usually get interest or profit on staked funds.

If you also refer another person and he or she does the same staking on Crypto.com, you will get another $50 making $100 in total.

What do you think about the opportunity?

I think it worth it since you can earn up to $100 and the only foreseeable issue is if the value of MCO decreases on completing the 180 days of staking. This could potentially make the money you stake reduce in value, thus making the $50 bonus insignificant.

Watch the above video for more details and drop your opinion in the comments below👇.

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