In order to get started, use this specific referral link to first sign up, which is how we will be able to credit the tokens to you:

To all of our wonderful Hydro fans, we have teamed up with Liquid and are collaborating on the remittance solution we are building into Hydro Pay for P2P and B2B remittance payments. To celebrate the partnership on this top 5 exchange (according to BTI), we are rewarding each user who completes the KYC process with 5,000 HYDRO tokens credited directly to your Liquid account!*

If you are reading this, that means that you were one of the Hydro Pay Reward program recipients who had to deal with postponing the rewards program due to scammers trying to game the system. With this in mind, we wanted to give all of you a fair opportunity to receive more tokens than you originally would have through the reward program as you have been incredibly patient with us!

We are extremely appreciative of your support and what you are doing for the ecosystem. Many of you most likely would have only received 2,500 HYDRO, or 1,000 HYDRO with the previous reward program for the release of Hydro Pay, so this is an awesome opportunity to be able to earn even more HYDRO!

We have also given you a large head start to get this completed, as we have not shared this information with anyone else outside of the individuals who were unable to initially receive a reward on the Hydro Pay app.

Completing KYC on Liquid is extremely simple! It only requires 3 steps!

  1. Government-issued ID document (driving license, passport, national ID card or VISA for legal stay).

  2. Proof of address document.

  3. Your selfie.

Sign up using this link only to qualify:

Terms and Conditions:

*The Hydro Labs team is giving away 10,000,000 HYDRO for completion of this task, and once this number is reached, the promotion will end. The Hydro Labs and Liquid team will give further information about when the distribution of the HYDRO tokens will occur.

Hydro Labs may update these Rules at any time. Continued participation in this program after any update will mean that you have agreed to the update.

All Hydro referral programs may be further subject to Hydro Labs Terms of Use and by taking part in the Campaign you agree to any applicable Terms of Use.

 Please note that these Rules are in addition to the Hydro Labs Terms of Use as well as any agreement (if one exists) between you and Hydro Labs.

Also note that the 5000 Hydro is equivalent to ₦1720. You can always use the free cryptocurrency converter that is below this page.

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