Earn big doing Bulk-SMS business

This business is divided into 3 major part, that is the

  • Bulk sms platform (or website)
  • The bulk-sms public service
  • The mobile marketing

Since we have discussed the mobile marketing business earlier, there is no point discussing it here again. i will rather go straight to the 2 former part, that is the bulk-sms platform and the bulk-sms public service. Click here to learn about mobile marketing.

Bulk sms platform(website): under this, what you basically do is to create websit, for bulk sms purpose, that is for sending of message to phone numbers. After you create the website, you get a reseller package from any bulk-sms provider/merchant (freelinkosms.com), thjen you buy credit for as low, as ₦0.68/credit (per message), so when people visit your website to send message, you resell that credit for ₦1.5 per credit (1 credit is a full message). So if you are to have real customers who come to your website and use a total of 10,000 credit, at ₦1 per credit, you will make ₦15,000, and since you are buying that credit for ₦0.68, it will cost you 10,000 * 0.68=₦6,800. So your profit is ₦8,200(₦15,000 – ₦6,800). I’m very sure that if you will put in more effort and advertise your website, you will make more than that amount. I alone can use up to ₦10,000 unit of credit in a month, so you can be making ₦8,200 gain from me alone.

If you need more information on building a bulk-SMS site, you can use the comment box below/contact us page.

The bulk-sms public service: if you want to make profit under bulk-sms public service, you need to have a lot of connections with businesses/organisations/schools/churches/mosques and service providers. What you will then be doing here is simple and is somehow like the opposite of the creation of bulk-sms website (platform) although it is of advantage if you have your website. You need to visit those organisation and explain to them that you are a bulk-sms, mobile marketing and advertising expert. You then tell tem you can help them to send message to there customers/client/association/religion members etc. for as low as possible (reduced cost). Since MTN charge ₦4 per SMS, you can reduce yours to ₦3/sms(message).

For example you visit a church and negotiate with them to be sending reminder message to their 200 worshippers every Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, that is twice a week, and you agree to ₦3 naiira/message. To provide this service, you will need 400 unit of credit for two days, the 400 unit will cost ₦400 and you will collect 400 unit * ₦3 =₦1200 from the church.

Thats a profit of ₦800 per time message is sent, lets say you send it 10 times a month, thats ₦8000 profit per  month, chikenah.

Thanks for reading,