Many Realtors, Lenders, Agents, Insurers and Government agencies around the world- including US, Ukraine, Dubai and India — are exploring or already placing real estate deals and property deeds on blockchain, this effort that could reshape how sales are processed in the global real-estate market, which is expected to reach $4.26 trillion by 2025.

In the nearest future, a young couple buying their first home could complete a deal in seconds, by simply tapping a mobile app. Another case could be that as tourist you walking down the street, you discover a nice property on sale. All you need do is contact the owner automatically, and buy the house 30 seconds later…Bravo, that’s the speed, transparency and immutability the real estate industry is heading to.

Developing countries are encouraged to move towards blockchain-based deeds, because land registries in these places are often less reliable besieged with rampant fraud, age-long bureaucratic processes and centralized data which is easier to alter or forge.

Propy is automating the real estate industry, by making transactions faster, simpler, and more secure. Listing a property on Propy is very simple, and anyone can do it.

All you need to do

  1. Register on Propy
  2. Verify your email and phone number
  3. Click on “List Property” at the top right.

Propy accepts property listings from anywhere in the world and listing a property is completely free of charge. You can list your property for sale for both crypto and fiat currencies at the same time. This gives you a lot of flexibility, and in some specific cases there may not even be a need for a bank to be involved in the sale.

If, however, you make a sale through Propy and their unique Transaction Platform, which allows for cross-border real estate sales to be completed entirely online, Propy charges a token of 0.7% from the sale (unlike some cut-throat brokers/agents)

Example of a Nigerian property listed on Propy

Single Family Home Ada-George Road, Rumuafrikom, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

If you’re a developer interested in working on global problems, get in touch. You can contact Propy’s world-class technology team on [email protected]