Today’s article is a review of a bill and utility payment platform called Their website allows the easy conversion of airtime to cash, Data Purchase, Money Transfer, Airtime Top-up, Buying and Selling Of Bitcoin, etc. It’s our first review in 2021 and it promises to be a good read.

What you need to know about

Below are some unique details about the platform:

What is the platform about?

Eazymobile is a telecom company that offers economical payment of Utility Bills, Airtime To Cash, Data Purchase, Money Transfer, Airtime Top-up, Buying And Selling of Bitcoin, Investment Plan, and all Telecom needs, either on a recurring or one-time basis.

Who is behind the platform? is operated by Eazy Mobile Technology Limited, a company situated at Shop 15, Off Alabata Road, Funaab, Abeokuta. The company’s phone number is +234 902166 6608.

When was it launched?

A quick search at domain info database) showed that the website domain was registered/created at exactly 10:50 pm on the 9th of May 2019. By the 9th of May this year, the website would have been in operation for roughly 2 years which is a great milestone.

What’s the main service they render?

A quick glance at the homepage showcases a lot of services, however, I found the major ones to be:

  1. Airtime to cash conversion and vice versa
  2. Bulk airtime purchase
  3. Data purchase
  4. Cable Subscription
  5. Buying and selling of Bitcoin

Do you need any form of verification to use the account?

Yes, you do. You need to complete your KYC verification in other to carry on with your day-to-day transactions on the platform. This is considered needful as mandated by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

How to fund my Eazymobile Wallet?

Eazymobile offers numerous options for its users to fund their wallet which are:

  • Instant Funding VIA Bank Transfer
  • Instant Funding VIA ATM
  • Manual Funding VIA Bank Transfer
  • Instant Funding VIA E-card
  • Instant Funding VIA Bitcoin
  • Manual Funding VIA Airtime

How to Convert Excess Airtime to Cash?

Follow these easy steps to convert airtime to cash

  1.  Select airtime exchange
  2. Choose airtime to cash
  3. Select network
  4. Input the amount of airtime you want to convert
  5. Click proceed
  6. Transfer the airtime to the displayed number using the transfer code provided (or any other method you know)
  7. Click yes I have made the transfer
  8. Input the phone number you transferred the airtime from
  9. Select our number which you transferred to
  10. Please pick the date and time which you made the transfer
  11. Click Submit
  12. Your wallet is funded almost instantly, within a few minutes of confirming the airtime you transferred.

Charges and Fee

Eazymobile conversion rates vary based on market trends but you Can trust them to have the best rate.

  • Airtime (MTN & Airtel) = 80%
  • Airtime (GLO & 9mobile) = 70% .

This means you will get 80% or 70% of the value of airtime you send. Your wallet gets funded almost immediately the airtime is sent and confirmed. Personally, the rate is attractive and competitive. It’s also better than most rates available out there.

What if Airtime/Data/GOtv/DStv Subscription was not received?

Although the platform boast a 99.99% success rate, a failed subscription may still occur when there is a service downtime from the network providers. In such scenario, you should reach out to there customer support via their contact page. You may also call or email them directly with your transaction reference.

How do I get the transaction reference of my order?

To view your transaction reference:
1. First login to your account.
2. Click on Transaction History on the dashboard where you have all the website features like (Buy Airtime/Data, Pay Bills. etc)
note the Transaction History is after the features called Transfer
3. Once the Transaction History is clicked, it will drop down all the list of services rendered on Eazymobile.
Click on the specific transaction of yours either Airtime/Data or otherwise.
Once the specific transaction opens you will see all the transactions list that you have performed with their status.
4. You can search a specific transaction using the search box;
with any parameters (either phone number purchase data to, Smart Card number, or Meter number.)
5. hold firm on the transaction reference;
note: the transaction reference always starts with EZM it’s alphanumeric.
6.  Copy and paste the transaction reference for quick resolution

My personal experience with the platform?

I have had an easy and smooth experience with I started using it late last year for data purchase, bulk airtime purchase, and conversion of airtime to cash(whenever I load more than my required amount). There has not been any course for complaint but if there happen to be, I believe their support is ready to assist. I’ve also introduced a couple of my friends to the platform, and they are also enjoying their solution thus far.

To complete my review I will share what I think the platform should work on, which is providing a more competitive rate across their services. If they can do this, it will be a major unique selling point for them. It will also help in customer retention.

Nevertheless, If you ever want to buy airtime in bulk or convert bulk airtime to cash, visit to do that at your own comfort and at the fastest speed.

If you have any questions about the platform, or you would like me to review a particular platform, kindly put in the comments below👇.

And until next time, keep learning my friend.

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This is not a paid review. It’s completely free of charge, and all we shared was based on our own findings and experience using the platform.