Hey Guys!  I guess we’re doing good.

I owe this post to every Nigerian out there hustling and striving hard to make a living.

First, I need to let you understand that before you make money you need to sell. As a matter of fact, I don’t care what product you sell, just sell. Because the only way you get money into your pocket anytime anywhere is by selling something. You sell yourself, your car, your business, your product etc.

Most Nigerians don’t make money because they think they don’t have anything to sell, but that’s not true. In this new era of the smartphone and internet, you can sell yourself out on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.), in terms of your actions (comedy), voice (educate people), look (physical body) etc.

Today’s eBook is about content creation, and it’s easy to get started as you don’t need anything other than your smartphone/laptop and internet connection. Another interesting aspect of creating content online is that the more you create content, the more you discover the part of you that you can sell for money.

Kindly download the eBook below and promise me you will stop being the only one buying and start selling as well.