Don’t you wish to know how those Facebook Adverts that usually display in your timeline are created? or Don’t you want to know how those Instagram Adverts that you liked while checking your Feeds without even noticing that you’ve liked the ads post are created?

Learning is the new currency!

We have got a detailed eBook with 12 Modules on ‘How to Run a Successful Facebook and Instagram Advertisement’ for your Brand, Business, Event, and Organization.

After going through this eBook, you’d have a deep understanding of Facebook and Instagram advertisement. You will be able to buy ads, and run a successful Facebook and Instagram ads campaign at the comfort of your house with your laptop or mobile device.

The Lessons includes: Starting a Facebook Advertisement, Starting an Instagram Advertisement, The Need to Link Both Facebook and Instagram, Setting Up Your Campaign On Facebook, Targeting Your Desired Audience, Budgeting, Bidding And Ads Preview, Buying Ads on Instagram – Step-by-step, Budget, Duration, And Ads Creation, How to Run an Instagram Ad from Your Facebook Account – Step-by-Step, Buying Ads For Instagram on Facebook, Making Payments For Ads + Other Promotions On Facebook (Bonus) and lastly, Conclusion.


Reasons Why You Should Buy The Ebook

  • This eBook is for everybody who has a Facebook with an Instagram account.
  • If you operate a small business and you want to market your services and product online.
  • If you want to learn more about social media marketing – going through this eBook will give you more insight into how it works.
  • It is affordable.
  • The eBook is practical and well explained.
  • The knowledge therein will help you run your business or clients business effectively.
  • You’ll know more about Facebook, Instagram Marketing, and many more.
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So, how do I get this eBook on how to run a successful Facebook and Instagram advertisement?

At the moment, we do charge ₦20,000 for a Whatsapp tutorial on how to set up a profitable Facebook and Instagram Advertisement (that’s ₦10,000 for Facebook and ₦10,000 for Instagram ).

However, I have been able to package a detailed eBook showing you the step by step process of setting up a successful Facebook and Instagram advert, which you will get at a token amount. This includes all the tweaks and easy tricks needed to do it fast and profitable.

If you act fast today , you will get it for a token sum of ₦5,000 only.

NOTE: This price offer is only available for the next 3 days, and at exactly , it goes back to the original price of ₦20,000.

What will I get when I pay for this offer?

You would get the following when you make the payment for the offer:

  1. A complete PDF eBook on how to run a successful Facebook and Instagram advertisement.
  2. Access to Whatsapp Question & Answer session with me.
  3. 2 eBook Bonuses.


When you buy the data share package, you get the following bonuses free of charge;

Online business course Online Business Foundation Course

How to start your own Online Business

Worth over ₦5,000

Profitable import business How To Start A Profitable Importation Biz

2017 update on how to start your own successful importation business in Nigeria.

Worth over ₦5,000


Pay the ₦5,000.00 with Paystack online payment processor and get instant access

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Pay the ₦5,000 into our bank account.

  1. WemaBank: 0122659355
    ColossalNet Technology Ltd
  2. GTBank: 0128522966
    Kehinde Lawal

wema Bank

NOTE: After a successful payment, send an email to [email protected] or call 0810 185 0909 providing your payment details.


You will get 100% Money Back Guarantee within 7 days if you put our resources to use, and you didn't get the required result.

No hassle, you don't even need to tell us the reason. Just request for your money and you will get a refund instantly alongside an apology for wasting your precious time.

PS: You won't always see this offer, so grab it while it lasts. This same training on how to create Facebook and Instagram Ads is sold for ₦20,000 on other platforms, that's ₦15,000 more than my price.
PPS: You have to learn more to earn more, so don’t have yourself to blame if you never see this offer again.

It's left for you to create your own Goodluck!